Stitching Saturday

I realise the name of this blog is me in stitches and yet so far have given very little updates on what I stitch. That’s because most of the time real life gets in the way. But today is a Saturday which means no work so a little more time for stitching. However let me give you details of the week to explain why I don’t get as much time for my favourite hobby as I would like.

Monday was informed at work that flexi time was to be introduced. This means more time at work and less time for stitching. While not mandatory the extra money is always appreciated so I will probably sign up. While at work if I have time in my lunch hour I will pick up what I refer to in my head as my mini. This normally is a small free kit that has come with a magazine. At the moment this is the fizzy moon from issue 194 of The World of Cross Stitching.


As you can tell by the age of the magazine I don’t often get time in my lunch hour to make progress on a mini.

This is because on lunches I normally try to visit friends, like I did this Tuesday, or have to do food shopping (which is my most hated chore) as we have no milk or bread or food for dinner in the evening, such as what I did on Wednesday.

And in the evenings when I get home I have to do chores or actually have some time with the husband. He works shifts so evenings where we are both at home are a rarity. As such stitching is low on the list of the things I have to do but high on the list of things I want to do.

Which brings me to Friday. I woke up to find I had no water and no heating. Had to wait in all day for a plumber. Which meant I lost a days wages. It would have been the perfect time to stitch. Except England is currently in the grip of cold weather. My flat was so cold, as we only have the central heating no other type of heating, I was wearing my coat, gloves and hat inside. Not really easy to stitch with gloves and not something I recommend to try or the frog will find you. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake previously.

The heating is patched, but the boiler does need replacing. It means I no longer need to wear outdoor clothes inside. So today I was planning on sitting down, putting on a film and stitching to my hearts content.

Life once again got in the way. My dad called me and told me to ring his older sister because she wanted to speak to me. Odd as she has only asked me a couple of things in my entire 23 year existence (one of them asking how it felt to be shot, long story). Her oldest daughter is turning 40 and she wanted to create book for all the guests at the party she is throwing to write in. She knows I am creative and so wanted to know if I could make something. Not usually a problem and would normally happily make anything for family. But the party is tonight. As in less than 8 hours away.

To the panic stations. So now instead of working on my Tutankhamen cross stitch I am now creating a papercraft project.

And the reason I am writing this is because my printer has just run out of ink. So I’m having to go buy more. Did I mention its still snowing and the average temperature is -1 degrees Celsius? wish me luck on my trek to get ink. I think I may need it.

Oh and maybe I will actually get some stitching done sometime this week.


2 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday

  1. Gosh you are good. If my family members asked me to do something less than 8hours away from the party I’d say no and give me more notice next time and I would.

    Family member always take us creatives for granted that we will drop our lives to do stuff for free for them.

    I hope you get enough time to stitch. All the best to you.

  2. Hope you find more time to stitch in the future. It is a pain when life seems to get in the way of our more important, stitchy projects.

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