Mini Monday and other updates

So I managed to sit down and have 5 minutes today. Which means I got a little update on my mini.


Soon will be the dreaded moment. Backstitch. I do love the detail it creates but with fiddly pieces it can drive completely up the wall. You may find that as quickly as you will see some pieces progress others will suddenly become silent WIPs because of back stitch. You do all have permission to ask where a piece have gone but be aware the answer maybe I just can’t cope with the backstitch.

In other works I got a little done on my tut, as it is affectionately known.


I realised when looking back I never gave a full explanation for this one. It is the Tutankhamun Superchart that CrossStitcher released….erm….a very long time ago now. Google tells me it was about 2008. Google also shows what it should look like when it is finished.

One reason it is taking me so long to complete is I can lose my stitchy bug for literally years at a time. During my second and third years at university I think I made about 100 stitches in the whole 2 years. The other is that I am a chronic starter. If I actually went through my stash properly I would properly find at least another dozen half started pieces.

So I think I should have a stern word with myself and try to complete at least one of these poor forgotten half starts this year.

And now to have a tea and pick up my needle and thread.


5 thoughts on “Mini Monday and other updates

  1. I really like the King Tut design, I bet it’ll look fantastic once you have it finished.

    I’ve always liked doing backstitch, it’s those french knots that I avoid as long as I can…

    • Now French knots I don’t seem to have a problem with but I do seem to be in the minority.

      I think my fear of backstitch comes from one of the first ever pieces I stitched. It was a tatty bear design, the one with the blue noses. The backstitch on them are truly fiddly and bitty and seemed to make no sense. I have never done one of them again even though my sister collects them, who the first one was for. Instead she picked up a needle herself and I taught her when she wanted a matching one. She realised her mistake when she got to the backstitch too.

      • Now that I can understand. Useful backstitch is one thing but when it’s just a stitch or two that makes no sense it gets useless and time consuming. But at least you turned your sister into a stitcher!

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