30 Days Song Challenge: Day 11; A song from your favourite band.

It’s so difficult to choose just one band. And then just to choose one song from that band. It seems so unfair.

So I’ve chosen one band but just can’t narrow it down to one song. So here’s a selection.

I love The Zombies. Yes they formed in 1962 and most people have to be told who they are. And then I have to explain I like them even though I was born 20 years after they originally disbanded. I was even lucky enough to see the last year in concert, even though they had replaced the bassist with the guy from The Kinks (!). Not that I’m really going to complain about that.

Their most famous song is below.

Swoon….but enough of that. What I will say is when people hear a couple of songs by them they often realise that they have heard them from something.

My personal favourite is their version of The Look of Love.

And just so I can have a small rage here is there only number 1! How they only got one I will never know. Their music, to me, is amazing and I truly think they are the most under appreciated bands not only of the British Invasion of the 60’s but ever.


2 thoughts on “30 Days Song Challenge: Day 11; A song from your favourite band.

  1. Oh wow! The zombies! I’ve heard their music before and thought they were sun by another band! Oooops!

    Hmmm now my fave band… All time fave will have to be…. Icehouse
    I brain washed my mind many a day with their music and used to listen to them every day… Had all their albums once… So which I kept them all… I only have three left – might hunt them down again. 😉

    The song? Icehouse – by Icehouse (where called icehouse flowers once too)

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