I was so inspired I made my own truffle arrows. Pictures to follow.


Cupid’s Arrow has struck my heart, and I’ve fallen in love with these super cute ideas for Valentines Day…

Cupid’s Arrow Truffles on a Skewer

Such a fun idea for a party or in a cute box as a gift for your friends

I will be putting fruit on my arrows for Valentines Dinner with the kiddos!!


This quote from William Shakespeare


This just makes me giggle…

I can’t find the original source though…


Paper Bag Heart Garland…this would be super easy to make!!

Again – I couldn’t find the original source…


Chalkboard art ideas from Babble

Just paint chalkboard paint directly onto canvas, put it in a fabulous frame and hang it.

As shown HERE


These FREE PRINTABLES from Jones Design Co.


This would be so easy and would add a simple Valentines Day touch to a bookshelf…


And here are some ideas, tutorials and free printables from me :0)

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