Real life – Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

On the 21st of February my much loved Nanna died.

My desire to write in my blog went away for a bit.

My thought is now that I shouldn’t have done this. Instead I should have picked up my keyboard (no where near as elegant as picked up my pen but this is the age that we live in) and done what I am about to do.


This is me and my Nanna back at my graduation in 2011. At this point she had already suffered a stroke and my Grandad had already died. He had a good innings, he got given 6 months to live back in 1996 and made it to 2010. But worse things were to come. After making almost a full recovery from her stroke she was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2012 which quickly spread. As the title says bad things happen to good people.

I was very lucky as a child. I met all 4 of my grandparents and 2 of my great-grandmas, affectionately know as Big Grandma and Little Grandma. At the age of 23 I now have no grandparents.


This is a picture of my Mam, Nanna and Little Grandma, who was my Nanna’s Mam, about 1985, a bit before I was born.

Without any of these women I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

I think I inherited a sweet tooth and small feet from my Little Grandma. I just hope I didn’t inherit her gene of having twins.

From my Mam I got blonde hair, blue eyes and a compulsive need to clean and organise.

And from my Nanna I got my love of craft.


The above is an Emily Peacock design that came with an issue of CrossStitcher quite a few years ago. I gave it to my Nanna as a present and she appreciated the work that had gone into it having made many a cushion over the years.

Over the years she has sew back together rag dolls, made warm blankets for cold nights and made some hideous interesting jumpers.


Ok maybe not that hideous. Ok I’m hiding the more embarrassing photos. Every Christmas morning was spent at Nanna and Grandad’s with all the aunties, uncles and cousins, and every year their were more of us as we grew up and our partners were forced to come as well. When I was small Sunday afternoons were also spent at Nanna and Grandad’s more often than not with looney tunes cartoons on in the background. And always present would be the latest knitting, crochet or crafty project in the magazine rack and cakes or pies in the oven.

At present we are having to clear her house. In the process around 50 years worth of crochet patterns, wool, knitting needles, fabric, stuffing and, of course, thread has been discovered in every nook and cranny.

Some I know what will be used for. Her first great-grandchild is due in June, not mine just to clarify. She was still working on a small cardie and blanket for this baby even though she was very ill in her last days. I am determined to complete these before the baby is due.

The rest I hope to help with a charity in some way. Once I’ve made some sort of catalogue of everything (that would be evidence of the organisation thing I inherited from my Mam) I hope to raise some money either by selling items that be made or selling the surplus craft stock. Lord know I already have enough stash for 8 life times. The charity I would most like to help would be St. Gemma’s. They not only looked after my Nanna but also my Dad’s Dad who died back in November.

Whatever way I look to help I am determined to update my blog on any ideas and hopefully results of any ideas.

In short I just wanted to say, Thanks Nanna.


2 thoughts on “Real life – Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

  1. Not sure whether to be sad, proud of you or just giggle at the photos! It may have been short lived but just remember how lucky you are not only to have all four grandparents but to have such good relations with all of them – so few people can say that! (Though I do like to think there were a few other ladies that helped shape you at least a little bit :P) Love you xx

  2. What a beautiful story. You are one lucky lady to have been blessed with knowing such incredible woman who inspired you each in their own way. Now you will realise how important it is to pass on a great legacy to your own children one day. It is really good to write about grief; I have found that out as well; putting things on paper allows you to take some of the overwhelming things out of your brain and store them elsewhere for a brief time and then you can look back at them in the future and hopefully smile at the great memories. Keep up the great work on your blog. M

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