Stitching Sunday: How big a stash is too big?

I’ve moved house recently. I haven’t expressed how much I hate moving house. I dislike the word hate. I normally stay I dislike something rather than hate. But in is case the feeling I have for moving house is pure hate.

After a couple of disasters (no exaggeration, the bathroom flooded 4 hours after we moved in and the doors have a habit of locking and sticking resulting in me been stuck in a room for a couple of hours) we are settled in and quite happy.

We, me and the hubbie, own a lot. We have a large DVD collection, hundreds of books and lots of furniture. But the real surprise was the amount of stash that I own. Needles, threads, fabrics, books, it adds up and quickly.



And the above isn’t all of it.

So my question is to all of you stitchy and crafty people – At what point do you say I have to much stash? Will you ever meet that point? And, if you ever reach the point of I have too much, what do you do about it?

I think I will have to go on a self imposed no buying rule. Or possibly a no buying things that are not required at this exact moment. Oh who am I kidding? I’m going to visit Black Sheep in Warrington next weekend. The day after pay day.

My name is Laura and I will never have enough stash.


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