Mini Monday: I actually completed something!

So it’s been a while since I’ve made any sort of update to this.

But today I have a day off work, the sun is actually shining for a change and I’ve finished one of my pieces.

No it’s not the geisha that I was showing on the last mini money but another project. I sound like a serial starter but honestly I’m not.

Technically the project also isn’t stitching. It’s crochet. Here have a look.




Pretty, yes?

It’s also the first thing that I have crocheted that is bigger than a square. The individual squares will make a blanket in the end it is very nice to have completed something. And it only took about an hour and half in the end. Most of that time was trying to remember dc2tog. (I am such a bad crafter, things just slip from my mind when I don’t use them)

This doesn’t mean little geisha has fallen by the side tho.


Just means I’ve got to the dreaded backstitch. I’ve already devoted enough of the written word to why I particularly dislike this stitch but it does mean that when projects gets to this point they kinda stall.

Hopefully by next Monday I will have another finished project to show off and keep me motivated


One thought on “Mini Monday: I actually completed something!

  1. Beautiful! I adore making baby booties for all of my grandchildren. They are quick and satisfying and make me smile when I see them on tiny little feet :-). One of these days I will post my pattern for baby booties that are all in one and you could try them – you may need to remind me if I forget!! šŸ™‚ M

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