30 Day Song Challenge; Day 30: Your favourite song at this time last year

It’s so hard for me to just choose one song. You see my problem is this; my favourite songs generally don’t change. It’s quite easy for me to choose the 5 songs that I would take to a desert island or any of the equivalent things because the list rarely changes. So to say what was my favourite at this time last year would probably just end up with my first song choice again.

So once again I’m going to play with the rules and give a selection of the songs that I have enjoyed in the last 12 months.

Now the first one, well, it was first released back in April 2011. So not really of the last 12 months. But the majority of people will only know it because of an advert that was released by Microsoft last year. I’m just glad it got the recognition it deserved in the end.

I also have another couple that are from the end of 2011 but only got major chart success in 2012. In fact these songs are the perfect example of how varied my musical tastes actually are.


One is basically a hip hop, rap song, the other a Scandinavian, folk band. The biggest disappointment for me is the fact that Of Monsters and Men are only getting “Little Talks” the air play it deserves because someone covered it on Britains Got Talent. The influence of at show and its related ones make me sad.

The next two are solely because they were everywhere last year. Truly everywhere.

This doesn’t mean they were bad songs or overplayed. But as for songs that were my favourites of last year the two above instantly spring to mind.

And lastly Coldplay and Rhianna. Normally I don’t like either of this artists to consider myself a fan yet this song was just perfect.

So that is the end of my 30 days challenge. Yes it’s taken me longer than 30 days but I hope you have enjoyed it. I am also planning on finding a new one to take its place as I really did enjoy it.


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