Stitching Saturday (just!) – How did it get to Saturday already?

So I’m pretty certain that the time will show as Sunday by the time this is posted by honestly it was started on Saturday.

And that does pretty much sum up how my weed has gone. As much as I had the good intentions to manage some posting earlier in the week on Monday I had lunch with colleagues, the same on Tuesday, Wednesday evening was going to see Man of Steel, Thursday…well read below for Thursday. And before I knew it there I was at Friday wondering where my good intentions had gone.

The bright point on the horizon is that I actually managed to find to time to craft this week. I’ve discovered a wonderful little knit n natterthat meets in the Costa coffee near my work on a Thursday. A whole 2 hours to stitch and meet people who understand the slightly crazy world of craft! To be fair it wasn’t quite as easy as I make it sound and spent the first half hour sat in a corner, working up the courage to approach the big group of knitters. Luckily they had a room for a little stitcher and after 5 minutes it was like I was an old friend.

The time I spent there I did spend on my mini but rather than give you and update now I would like to try and stick to my good intentions (again!) and update that on Monday. And good old tut’ is still sat in the corner, but he should be getting an update tomorrow. Instead I’ve pick up another project.


This is the beginning of the Sunday swing dress from issue 313 of Crochet Today. I once again apologise for the poor quality picture from my iPad but hopefully you can see unlike the original suggesting in the magazine it is a pink colour. What might be harder to see is that in the hand it looks more like candyfloss. It has a lovely pink colour that is darker in some places and practically white in others.

While I do still intend to take some cross stitch to the knit and natter I think it would be more practical to take a crochet project. So I followed their lovely advice and signed to up Raverlry. Like a true serial starter I fell in love with about half of the patterns on the site and immediately decided to start one. Luckily one of my friend is due to give birth at the beginning of August so at least this time I have a deadline and inspiration for finishing.

I also have plans tomorrow to help another friend to begin a quilting project! Wish me luck and (hopefully!) be back with more updates soon.


One thought on “Stitching Saturday (just!) – How did it get to Saturday already?

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week! Good luck with all the projects, can’t wait to see your progress.

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