Mini Monday – Another Monday, another finish!

A pattern is starting. Another Monday, another finish. Here have a look.


Once again excuse the photography. It’s not my strong point especially using iPad.

And another start.


This one is from the latest issue of CrossStitcher.

As for yesterday well the craft day did go as planned. I did help my friend through her bag of fabric that she had gained. The majority of it is going to go into a patchwork quilt which should look lovely. Some is going to be donated to the local student stitch and bitch and I may have taken a bit.

But I do literally mean a bit for a change.


How beautiful if that? I know it doesn’t look like much at the moment but hopefully it’s going to be used to make a roman blind for my kitchen window. If I ever get round to it. I seem to collect more than I make.

And look! I managed to make a post during the week. Lets hope I keep up the good work.


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