Fun Friday – Craft in Leeds

It’s a glorious day here in Leeds. Rare but all the more appreciated. Currently sat in the park near my work stretch out on the grass listening to a bit of Pink Floyd wishing I didn’t have to go back to work, literally smelling the roses.

But what I really came to talk about was my wonderful city. Which seems to be lacking in craft. Now if you look at it from the outside it doesn’t looking. With have the fabulous Baa Ram Ewe, a market with a collection of haberdasheries, Samuel Taylors, Yum Yum Beads and various craft groups, many of which are on Raverly. Seems amazing doesn’t it?

Yet the craft community seems really small. While we have the variety in the shops it just doesnt seem that they get used by a variety of people. For example I went to buy yarn for the mystery project I mentioned in my last post. And met two people I knew from craft groups. In a city of this size you wouldn’t expect to meet people that easily that you know.

So have I come to complain? Well no not really. While it would be lovely to meet more new people due to craft, and I suppose I do because of this blog, having such a small craft community is lovely in a way. It means everyone stops to have a chat and asks how the latest project is going. What I’m really worried about is losing the shops that we do have either to online competition or, worse, just from people not using them. The decline of the high street is real. And this scares me.

The Internet is fantastic. Just look at all the things on it. But there’s nothing like walking into a craft shop, seeing the vibrancy of the colours, feeling the weight of the fabric and yarn in your hand and more often that not hearing the gentle click click of needles meeting. So this is my plea to use your local craft store. You just don’t know for how long they will be there.

In happier news my mystery project is this….


I’m making minions! AND THEIR SO FLUFFY I’M GOONA DIE! Kk bit of a exaggeration but they are cute. The pattern is from Raverly, here’s the link:—despicable-me

Have a fun Friday!


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