Mini Monday – A single pretty flower not in a row (not even finished!)

Happy Monday! And what another glorious day. I really do think we are been spoilt.

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend but everything went a bit pear shaped craft wise. First off just – HEAT! I do not function in hot weather. I burn, I’m uncomfortable, I find food horrible, my feet give off the most offensive odour….you get the picture.

And when I did actually sit down to give Tut’ some much needed attention – DISASTER! As you can probably tell from the photo updates on Tut’ he has a lot of what I have dubbed royal blue in his headpiece. And when I sat down to complete his eyeliner in this blue I realised I only had about 30cm left! No where near enough to complete the 600 or so stitches needed in this colour. So I had a mad dash to the local DMC supplier in town. And got distracted.


This would be fabric of the new dress that I have bought. I would show a picture of the dress but as I only have a video and can’t take a screen shot its proving a little difficult.

When I finally got home. Was far to warm to even consider doing some of Tut’ so he was left to languish behind the chair for another week.

Sunday turned into – MURRAY! I did work a little on the minions tho.


Not long until they are due to be given as a birthday present.

And finally as it is Monday here is an update on my mini.


Not too bad especially considering that I dislike backstitch. Unfortunately I won’t consider this particular mini complete until all three of the designs are complete so I’m actually more like a third of the way through.

Well back to the minions I suppose.

Happy crafting!


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