Fun Friday – Theatre review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I really need to keep on top of my reviews more.

Now I’ll never do serious reviews. It’s very rare that I go see a film, or a gig or a play that I dislike. I normally go because I know I like it already or because I’ve heard really good things about it from someone who knows me and recommends it.

So in that vein – ROCKY WAS AMAZING! The production was flawless, the cast superb and the audience participation original.

Another moment please excuse – I SAW SGT. CRADDOCK IN A THONG! This sentence will make very little sense to the majority of the population of the world but let me explain. When I was younger every Sunday a show called Heartbeat was on ITV at 8pm (Before it had to be known as ITV1 because they now have more than one channel). We would sit down as a family and watch the show and then me and my sister, and then later my brother, had to go to bed at 9pm to be ready for school in the morning. Also that is the time of watershed and we were never allowed to watch the show after called Londons Burning. It’s funny the things you remember when your a kid right? Anyway one of the characters in this show was called Sgt. Craddock. And I may have gotten a little excited when I realised that he would be The Narrator in RHPS. And I pretty much fell off my chair at the end during the encore when he whipped off his trousers a la strippers Velcro style to reveal a sequinned red thong ( I would like to make it clear during the encore I wasn’t sitting down, I was dancing I just used fell off my chair as a indication of my shock)

So other plus points – I really liked the expansion of Rocky’s character. Giving him a few lines, and actually the funniest, made him have a better stage presence than a silent rocky would have done. They also handled Rocky not having a mike very well as well. While the rest of the cast were miked Rocky used a handheld glitter one that was used as a prob when not needed but it wasn’t obtrusive like it could have been. Danni Harman and Sam Attwater were also great as Janet and Brad. But the best casting was definitely Oliver Thornton as Frank-N-Furter. I must admit I had never heard of him before but his presence carried the whole production.

Negative points – the woman playing Magenta was replaced in the interval. It was a little jarring as the woman standing in had a very different vocal style. Also Danni Harman as wonderful as she is was approximately 2 foot shorter than the rest of the cast. In this case I would have put her in lager heeled shoes but it appeared she was in the smallest. It did look more comical than it should of especially from the balcony where we were sat. And a small niggle. While Oliver Thornton was amazing I should never, ever look at Frank-N-Furter and think he is more feminine than me. But that may just be jealousy.

All in all it was a great night and I can’t wait to do the time warp again.



One thought on “Fun Friday – Theatre review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  1. That last comment reminded me of college when we’d go to rhps and then complain how Tim Curry had better legs than us…still true 😦

    Sounds like a great live show!

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