Stitching Saturday – The Joy of Hayfever

The weather is still been weirdly nice. But after the recent shower we had it means the pollen count has gone ridiculously high. Which means I’ve done nothing but sneeze all day.

However rather than laze about like I did last weekend I have actually spent some quality time with the wool and thread.


I’m actually pretty proud of the end result but it was a typical Laura last moment job. To be fair I did finish him 2 days early but when I was making up the goggle eye I went looking for my white felt turns out that it had magically disappeared. So I used white cotton in the end. I was sure I had white felt. I mean I found the black felt and the red felt but no white felt.

In other work my friend has just had a little girl so I’m making a cardie. I only have another 10 rows to do so will hopefully will be finished tomorrow and can show off the finished product then. I’ve also sorted out all my threads for Sloth so will be making a start on her soon.

But now I’m going to sneeze a bit more. Achoo!


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