WIP Wednesday – A whole lot of work but not of the craft variety

So yes it has been a whole 11 days since I last updated but to be honest they have been rather eventfully.

The first order of the day is say hello to Maisie.


She was due on 1st August but was impatient and came a couple of weeks early. She was also the darling I was making the pink cardie for.


Ok it’s a little big but she already had loads of clothes so I made it for when she’s a little big bigger. And she already has the nickname Maisie Moo from me and has become my favourite little girl. She is going to be getting far to many treats and cuddles and crafty gifts from Not-Really-An-Auntie-But-Call-Her-Auntie-Laura.

Now on to the news that has created the title of this blog. Work, well to put it bluntly, burnt down a week ago today. As in last Wednesday. At the time I was very much in shock. Think I still am a bit. It happened in the night so no one was hurt but the damage is unimaginable. I was asked to speak to the fire officer as the fire apparently started near my desk. There’s not really much of my desk left. And to really top it off on the Tuesday before I had brought in my sonic screwdriver pen to show to a fellow Whovian and left it on my desk overnight. I couldn’t even find the remains of that.

But, unlike the vast majority of the population, I like my job. The people are friendly, the work is not too taxing and at the end of the day I can go home and not worry too much. And so by Friday afternoon we were just about up and running again. We were not working to full capacity and the hired laptops looked and worked like they had come to us via 1995. In fact I wish that there was more I could have done to help.

However this post is coming to you via sunny Corfu! Well not so sunny at the moment as its currently 9:30 in the evening and the sun has gone down. And even though I am young-ish I’m not out partying til dawn for tow very good reasons. One, its just too damn hot and secondly, the dear husband has sunstroke so I’m playing nurse. It would not be wise to leave the man who cannot remember what happened yesterday alone.

What this does mean though is that I have had plenty of time to knit and craft to my hearts content. Another cardie is in the process of been made but this one is for my niece Heidi. When I can get some good picture I will post them. I also made to decision not to bring too much wool on holiday but then husband had other plans.

We had to make a train stop on York the day before our flight in Newcastle. Whilst there he took me to a shop called Knit & Stitch, formerly known as Poppy’s. It was delightful and the perfect start to the holiday especially as the husband had saved some money so I could treat myself. I may have bought more than I should have done. Once again when I have sunlight I will post pictures off all the goodies bought.

I also visited another wool shop down in London called Loop. After the drama on Wednesday morning to get to work to be told that the office had been on fire (we worked on the top floor the ground floor had very little damage so from the entrance to the office all looked fine) to actually seeing the damage I needed a hug. The husband was just starting work so I went to have a quick cuddle and promptly burst into tears. It had obviously been an emotional day. His plan was to take me to work with him. In most cases this would seem unreasonable but as he works for a train company and I get free rail travel it actually worked out quite well. I got to spend some time with husband when I was feeling pretty terrible and to cheer me up he took me to Loop. I didn’t spend any money in the end but just been there made me feel better. Also the smell of wool kinda replaced the smell of smoke that had been following me around.

Eventful? You bet. So two weeks doing nothing (except knitting and jumping into the pool when it gets too warm) is exactly what the doctor ordered.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – A whole lot of work but not of the craft variety

  1. So sorry to hear about work but glad you’re okay. Hope things get back to normal soon. And your niece is beautiful

    • I hope things get back to normal too! I am glad I had a holiday booked as rest and relaxation were definitely needed. And, even though I’m biased, I thinking Maisie is a little cutie.

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