Knit and Natter Thursday – Live from Corfu!

As much as I enjoy meeting with my fellow crafters on a Thursday in the cool air conditioning of our local Costa I must admit I really am enjoying my Thursday crafting on the balcony in my holiday apartment.

So as promised yesterday say hello to all my lovely purchases.


I really have a soft spot for Charlie’s Ark. I can’t explain it but as soon as I saw this in the sale aisle I knew I had to buy it. It shall be started when I get home just because I didn’t bring any hoops with me and I want to make sure the tension is even.


This is some lovely soft Sirdar I bought to make some hats for the new arrival that we are expecting soon. Also if I have enough left over I shall be making one for the new arrival that came back in June. This shall be a knitting project so expect infrequent and sweary posts about this. (Have I mentioned I dislike knitting? We have unresolved issues)


This is my favourite. This shall be used to make my sisters Christmas present. And as I have bought it now, in August, hopefully it will actually be this years Christmas present. Once again it will be another I will keep you all updated on.

The next few bits are not new but I haven’t shown them off. As I now have time here they are.

Firstly I got the below at last weeks Knit and Natter. Someone had a stash clear out (shock horror, I know) and came in with a bag to pass along to anyone who wanted it. I spent half the night rolling this ball and just knew after detangling it that I would be taking it home.


It’s very, very fluffy but I think it’s lovely.

Next is some wool I dyed myself at the university stitch and bitch.


I’m super surprised at how well it turned out. I’m hoping to make some nice winter mitts for myself out of it.

Lastly here is the project I’ve mostly been working on whilst in Corfu.


It’s another cardie but this one is for the husbands niece, so technically my niece, Heidi. She lives in the very north of Scotland so lots of nice woollies are always appreciated.

This would also be a good time to say I am also on Ravelry so you can also follow me on there.

All in all a successful week. Lets hope it doesn’t end!


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