Top Ten Tuesday – 10 things I have learnt from work

It seems only fitting with the disaster that happened at work nearly 2 weeks to give my works it of an ego boost. (Especially with the news we now have to look for new premises as the ones that had the fire are been demolished). So here we go list fans….(please be aware there will be strong language. Do not read if this offends you)

10. A window is more important than you realise
At the place I worked before here it was an internal office with no natural light. Over the winter I remember someone coming in and been really excited saying “Come look its snowing”. I looked up with a vaguely bemused look on my face and went back to work. Not having a window doesn’t just mean you don’t have something to distract you when you need a 30 second break from the computer screen but it also completely throws out your sense of time. Not good. It makes a boring job seem 4 times longer than it really is. Since working here I swear I’ve been happier just for sitting next to a window.

9. I know more about HS2 than the majority of rail staff.
This involves both my job and the husbands. He works on the train, I work for a company that draws up searches and plans for solicitors and estate agents. A lot of people at the moment want to know if HS2, the proposed high speed rail link that will be going through most of England will effect the new property they are buying/building. This means I’ve had to learn the route of HS2, me rail terminals, the proposed legislation depending on how far you are from the proposed lines….you get the picture. After one day of particular intense HS2 reading I decided to discuss it with my husband. Turns out that he, and most of the other rail staff, are not even aware that there are plans to build a new rail station in Leeds. Hmmmm…..

8. Working 3 minutes from Leeds rail station means I don’t have to leave home until 8:15 and I still get to work on time!
Basically I like my sleep so the later I can get up the better.

7. If you’re gonna play shit music play it loudly!
This is a direct quote from someone I work with. We are a small, close and quite informal group at work. One of the best things in the old office, as it shall henceforth be known, was the fact we had a radio. Now baring in mind even friends can differ in musical taste getting 30 people to agree on one cd normally meant the radio was on. One day after a string of particularly cheesy pop songs a early 90’s dance track came on which lead to the above been yelled by a member of staff. What can be said about my work is that it’s things like this that make it more fun.

6. Insults can be inventive
In complete opposite to the above just because we do get along the majority of the time doesn’t mean that we can’t be insulting to each other sometimes. However rather than just coming out with the standard we try to get inventive. The best I have heard recently is “Alright Price Caspian, keep your fucking hair on. We can’t all be as good looking as you.” If you ever could die from laughter it would have been at this point.

5. This was my destiny
Sounds a bit strong? Ok then about 3 months after I started a girl with the same name as me started. Also turns out we studied the same course at the same university. And went to the same high school and lived in the same area when in high school. And when we were born lived 2 streets away from each other. Far too many coincidences for my liking. So I genuinely believe we both had the same chances and experiences and have ended up doing the same thing. That’s more an just a coincidence. That’s destiny. (I would just like to point out I don’t normally believe in things like destiny but there are just too many coincidences to make it just a little odd how similar we are)

4. We have amazing nights out
Yes we are many in number and when we go to a bar we do have a habit of taking over a little bit (Sorry especially to Nation of Shopkeepers for the night we took over your courtyard). But as the saying goes the more the merrier. I may have got a little squiffy at the last night out but no one judged anybody and on Monday we had the same fun as we had any other day. And the best stories come upon nights out. Including one about chasing some horses down the M62 on New Years Eve…..

3. That “Shitloads” and “It’s on it’s fucking arse” are technical terms
Our IT department is one man who works the hardest I have ever seen. And everyone gives him the respect he deserves for it. But when things go wrong he really does have a flare for saying something like the above followed by “and that’s a technical term”. Like when my PDF decided it just wasn’t going to work anymore. That was “it’s just playing silly buggers and that’s a technical term”. And the majority of the damage caused by the fire was to the technical equipment so I imagine this guy is literally run off his feet trying to make the office run at a reasonable level again.

2. Treat everyday like your on day release from the mental hospital
This is another classic from the guy who said number 7. In the lift one morning he asked how I was. I answered honestly and said I felt like dancing down the street but didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy. His response was “Fuck ’em. Dance if you wanna dance. Live everyday like your on day release from the mental hospital” I quizzically looked at him and he explained further. “If you live everyday like its your last you can’t waste a day. It you live it like its a day release pass you do what you want, even if that means spending it in your own bed because you know even though you have to go back to the nut house for good behaviour you can get another day pass” I processed this for a minute and thought it was a good idea when he made it perfect as we were leaving the lift “Plus of you tell people your on day release it makes sure they stay the hell away unless they already love you for craziness”. It made me smile for the rest of the day.

1. We are amazing in a crisis
It took us two days to get back to work after everything was destroyed in a fire. That wasn’t begrudgingly or because we are a massive multi billion pound company. It’s because we worked together to get us back on our feet. It was hard work and it probably won’t be back to full capacity for a full time but it just shows working as a team has its benefits but working well as a team it even better.

Basically this was a little love letter to my work because it needed it at the moment.


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