WIP Wednesday – Keep calm and cast on (and fail, and unravel, try not to swear. Rinse and repeat)

Once again hello from glorious Corfu! I am never going to get bored of saying that so I should really take advantage of my last few days.

Once again I have picked up the dreaded knitting needles. There are three reasons for this.
1. The cardie I was making is now ready to be blocked and sewed together and I didn’t really fancy doing that here so it is safely zippy bagged up and ready to go on as hand luggage (if we lost the luggage losing that would upset me most so it’s going as hand luggage)
2. I have a cousin who is having a baby boy and I determined to make something for him. The pattern I choose just happened to be knitted (I do have a back up crochet project if it goes tits up)
3. I’ve really got to get over my fear/anger management/general issues when it comes to knitting so when I see something I want to knit I can, rather than just going “oooh pretty….damn it’s knitted oh well I didn’t want to make it anyway.” This been the main offender. Honestly I’m so in love with this design I just need it in my life.

So I watched YouTube videos, read written instruction over and over again, looked at pretty diagrams and finally plucked up the courage to cast on at 7 this morning. Before 8 I had unraveled it 3 times and started over 3 times.

So I put it to one side, which my blood pressure probably thanked me for, and decided to just try again at a later time. Whilst lying on my sun lounger at the beach I thought I’d hit a brain wave. So I rushed back to my room and cast on again for the 4th time. Turns out my brain wave was a dead end.

A this point I was getting super frustrated to the point the husband went and bought me chocolate. Did I ever mention he was very well trained when I’m having a craft meltdown? I slowly picked up the needles and cart on for the fifth time. And this time I decided I was going to say everything out loud. I started to sound a bit like a broken record it I was honest.

“Knit, yarn to front, purl, yarn to back, knit, yarn to front, purl….” You get the idea. It still failed.

Want to know what my big mistake was? Not been consistent with which way I was wrapping the yarn. I would switch between anti-clockwise and clockwise with no rhyme or rhythm.

So I started a new chant “Knit anti-clockwise, yarn to front, purl anti-clockwise, yarn to back, knit anti-clockwise, yarn to front, purl anti-clockwise….”

But look….


Yes these 6 rows of 1×1 ribs have taken me the best part of 12 hours but looks! The tension doesn’t look too bad to my eye, the stitches are even and, best of all, I started with 30 and ended with 30. Success all around!

My chanting did have one upside. Apparently it’s very soothing to the poor husband, who’s not been sleeping so well due to the sunburn he got, and he’s now snoring away. Dinner can’t wait, time for more knitting.


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