Stitching Saturday – Stupid Sizing and Simple Soloutions.

Sorry for the alliteration but I’m just in one of those funny moods.

So my cousins wife is in labour and we are expecting another little bundle of joy. I actually attempted to make a hat as mentioned previously. Well the good news is that it is actually finished. The bad news is at a) the colours are less like the local rugby team and more like the football team b) it actually took 15 casts and 14 unravels before I got the finished product and c) IT’S MASSIVE!


So in the above it doesn’t look too big. But look at it here.


That would be my 16 year old brother wearing it comfortably. I also have a picture of the dear husband wearing it but he refused to let me post that one. But his head is going to be my measurement guide.

So the hat when laid on a flat surface has a circumference of 40cm. The dear husbands head measure 59cm. That means it has 19cm of stretch. Which even to me seems excessive. So I looked at what should be the average head circumference of a 1 years olds hat (the hat in the picture is for other cousins baby born back in May). Good old M&S (yes I am a old lady but M&S are usually pretty good at sizes. Every woman in Britain has at least one item of underwear from them. Trust me) and they say it should be 46cm circumference. Which is 6cm bigger than the actual size of the hat. So what do I do?

My options are

1. Absolutely nothing
The reasoning is that it’s a present made with love. It’s not meant to be perfect. And it’s not that it won’t fit it might just look a bit odd.

2. Make another one.
Yeah right. My blood pressure wouldn’t take another 15 casts on.

2. Give it a wash
Now this means it might shrink a bit. But do I actually want it to shrink because according to the bible that is M&S sizing guide its actually a little small.

3. Give it a wash and block it.
Probably the most sensible option. But I’ve never blocked! And knowing me good go horribly, horribly wrong.

Whatever I end up doing I will update.

I also have an issue with the cardie that I made in Corfu.


While it all looks ok I actually made a mistake while shaping the shoulders. It was suppose the be slip stitch 6 and then complete row in pattern, turn, continue pattern until 4 stitches before end. I missed out the slip stitch row completely so I’m a row short. I’m also unsure how to fix it. I think it will be another thing to think about in detail and then post the update on how I fix it (which I really need to do in this case as the arms don’t seem to fit in the way I made it)

Onto other things.

I made a pair of gloves.


Ok technically that’s just the one in the one in the picture but I needed my other hand to take the picture. I’m pretty proud of these. I actually dyed the wool myself and am really, reallyplease with the way the colours turned out.

I’m also in the process of making the socks for my sister.


They need to be made vaguely in the pair because I don’t want to end up with odd socks. With the above issues with sizing I know if I made them separately that it a real possibility.

And I also have the beginnings of a scarf.


But I ran out of yarn. That means I get to go yarn shopping.

I also think at this point I need to mention poor neglected Tut’. I obviously didn’t take it on holiday as he is far to big but he is also been woefully neglected now I am back off holiday. I am hopefully going to spend some time on him today at least so he doesn’t sit in the corner for another 3 years. Yes he has been in progress for 3 years.

And tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. But I think I’ll save that story for another day.


3 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday – Stupid Sizing and Simple Soloutions.

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