Stitching Sunday – Bargain Hunting.

After the mountains and mountains of projects I posted about yesterday you would think I had enough going on not to actually want to add to it. How wrong!


Well technically I was suppose to be food shopping but passing one of the local charity shops I saw “A little guide to knitting” sat in the discount basket in the front door. And I thought might as well have a look and ask how much it was. Any guesses? Amazon tells me retails for £7.19.

10p. Yes that’s right. Ten English Pence.


And the rest of the new stash, a set of DPNs and half a dozen patterns cost me £2.30. I actually end up giving more than this in the end as it was for charity and I actually felt a little guilty for giving so little.

I also have done more shopping this week. Previously I’ve spoken about the LYS BaaRamEwe and this week I’ve actually been up to the shop and spent a bit of money. I bought Born and Bred. I will admit it was specifically for one pattern but I do love everything that is in the book. The pattern I specifically like is Wetwang.

The reason for this is many a happy childhood days going to Scarborough or Brid and then going to the Black Swan in Wetwang on the way home. It just makes me really happy to see a pattern named Wetwang that has black swans on it. In reality I probably won’t be able to even start making it until I have more experience as I really want to make a good go of it but I’m happy that its sat on my bookcase and I can just look at it when I’m having a bad day.

But now to make on my promise of yesterday and actually work on Tut’.


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