Top Ten Tuesday: Things I learnt about Corfu

Can you tell I’m missing my holiday already?

10. They have a palace dedicated to Achilles
….built by a Austrian Princess in a time when Greece was still finding a national identity after a short rule by the British after it had been fought over by the Venetians and Ottomans for a few centuries.

Unfortunately I couldn’t visit during my trip.

9. The airport is on water
Well that might be a slight exaggeration but Corfu is very, very hilly and so they had to find the flattest piece of land to build the airport on. The only place available was on a piece on land practically in the sea. They even extended the land a bit. The whole way into land all I heard from the husband was “I swear there’s no runway. It’s just water. I swear there’s no runway. It’s just water”. And I’m the one who’s a little more uncomfortable with flying.

8. They love Elvis…
There was a bar right on the beach dedicated to him. And on alternate nights they had a Elvis impersonator. It was quite good as long as you thought of Elvis just before he died rather than then the young, fresh out of the army Elvis.

7….and UB40…
This was everywhere. At one point I heard Red Red Wine 7 times in a 24 hour period. I actually had UB40s greatest hits on my iPod before I went on holiday. It’s been removed now.

6…..but most of all they love this song.

And now I love it too.

5. Prince Philip was born on Corfu
Just a random fact I knew about Corfu before I actually went (the kind of useless stuff that helps me in quizzes)

4. 38 degrees is not that warm for August
We found this out by talking to one of the locals who commented that me and the husband looked too warm. We said it was really warm and we would probably never see these types of temperatures at home. The local then went into a rant how it was really cool this year and we were missing out on the hottest weather. I’m kinda glad we missed the warmest weather. My British skin is very glad we missed the hottest weather.

3. It has the largest population of wild snakes in Europe
I remember reading this somewhere but now can’t find the source and its really bothering me. The only reason this is mentioned is because I actually saw a snake. Well a more accurate description would be that I had the choice to be run over by a car or jump into a grass verge. I jumped into the verge and disturbed a snake. I quickly jumped out again.

2. The national Museum of Archaeology is closed for restorations.
This is both good and bad. Yay for money been spent on museums and especially on a island with so much history. Boo because this is the second time I’ve been to a Greek island and the main museum on the island has been closed for restorations. Next time I book a holiday to Greece I’m choosing an island with an open museum.

1. I miss it already
….and am already planning to go back next year.


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