The Liebster Award

So the wonderful Funny For Nothing has nominated me for The Liebster Award. Which truly is lovely as she really isn’t funny for nothing. Her funnies bring me, and presumably many others, a good laugh a day. And laughter is the best medicine. So double thanks. One for the nomination and another for the happy blogs you post.

And also Liebster. Kinda ironic considering that my blog has a German/English jokey title all the more fitting.

The Liebster Award Rules:

1. List eleven random facts about yourself
2. Nominate eleven bloggers for the award
3. Let them know about the nomination
4. Answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated
5. Ask eleven questions for the new award winners to answer

So 11 facts:
1. I’m currently making macaroni cheese for dinner

2. I could not live without knitting, or crochet, or stitching. It’s such a good stress buster.

3. I hate mustard.

4. I cried at the end of Tangled. Yes the Disney film. I have issues. What more can I say?

5. If I had to choose a favourite colour I would say Turquoise.

6. I take something new from Anne Franks Diary every time I read it.

7. I can hula hoop and actually do it as a exercise.

8. Every time I bake bread it is too salty.

7. I truly believe that Robert Downey Jr knows when someone is talking about him and it increases his ego a bit more.


See now he’s even responding!


Oh RDJ you big flirt! *ahem* Moving on….

8. My new work computer is amazing and makes my job easier.

9. I have a Dalmatian called Poppy.


Not the best picture of her but it takes ages to get her to sit still.

10. I heart The Great British Bake Off!

11. I’ve just burnt my tongue on hot macaroni.

Now to Nominate.

1.UK Crochet Patterns Their funnies make me laugh. Especially this one.


2. All Night Knits This lovely knitter will be hosting the first knit along I’m taking part in. And I am so excited!

3. Knit The Hell Out Their tag line could be aimed at me.

More obsessed with each stitch

4. Mommy Man Just go read all of it, especially this one.

5. Inspirational Geek All Geeks are inspirational. But this is still worthy.

6. Cross(stitch)your heart This blog could be me. The mix of stitching and books is something I aspire to.

7. The Grange Range I really do just love looking at the beautiful things on this blog.

8. The British Museum So it’s a professional blog but once again love to just go look at the pretty things. But this time the pretty things are historical artifices with a nice little article attached.

9.Amiguruthi By far and away the best cute patterns on the interwebs!

10. My Life in Miles Because she would be upset If I didn’t nominate her for the lovely German award.

11. Fay Kesby Ditto the above.

I will let the aboves know as needed.

Now to answer Funny for Nothings questions.

1. If you had to think of another name for your blog, what would it be? Ermmm….It would probably still be something knit/stitch related so… my minds gone blank.

2. What’s your favourite quote/ saying?Life’s a bitch, then, oh shit, you die it’s from a tv show I quite like

3. What’s the worst joke you’ve made/ heard? My sister trying to tell a joke about pirates and telling the punchline first. Because they argh!

4. What’s your favourite television show? Doctor Who

5. Describe yourself in one word. Ditzy

6. Do you have an object that you consider to be your lucky charm? Not as such but when I had exams, even in the middle of summer, I use to wear knee high stripy socks for each one.

7. Which type of chocolate is best: white, milk or dark? dark

8. What’s the best non-fiction book you’ve read? Tudor England by John Guy

9. What’s your favourite word? Omnishambles

10. Are you philosophical person? In a word, no.

11. What’s the capital of Greenland? I have no idea. Green City?

And now my questions:

1. What item couldn’t you live without?

2. Can you play a musical instrument?

3. Who is your favourite artist? (Of the Music variety or of the art variety or both if you feel that way)

4. If you were on death row what would you order for your last meal?

5. Where in the world you most like to visit?

6. If you were on The Great British Bake Off what would your signature dish be?

7.Can you knit?

8. Do you have any pets?

9. What did you last dream about?

10. Do you know the rules of chess?

11. Who is the hero of the Greek Epic The Illiad?

So I’m all done now. Hope you enjoyed.

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