Fun Friday – Lovely weather for ducks and crafters.

The stereotypical British weather is back in full force today. By which, using the common expression in these parts, it’s pissing it down.

And I am so happy!

This might seem a bit strange as us British has reputation for complaining about the rain. Well let me explain my personal take on it.

We like to complain. Especially about the weather. Most of all about the rain. But it’s because it’s comfortable.

Let me explain a little more about the weather here in the north. Unlike those lucky Londoners (which lets face it most of the weather reports in the national papers and tv reports are aimed at) here in the north we have a bit of reputation for been damp and dreary whole they can experience highs of 22 (that’s 72 for my Fahrenheit friends).

Rain is the standard whether for most of the year. Yet when I arrive at work today there were cries of “have you seen the weather today!” Erm yes it’s raining, came my slightly befuddled reply. Lots of other comments followed. “Well that’s the end of summer” “wasn’t it dark this morning” and, my personal favourite, “it’ll do the plants good”. “Lovely weather for ducks” is also used as well sometimes.

These are all standard comment when it stars raining. And most are said to imply that the rain is a negative thing. Even though its said as a complaint what you need to understand is we are just making conversation. Even though it sounds like a complaint everyone brought either a brolly or a waterproof coat. Even though for once the weather report was right and it started raining on the day it was suppose to, rather than a day early.

In short the British like to complain. Just like I’m having a rant about people complaining about the weather. I’ll even join in on occasions and moan along with everyone else. But inside I’m delighted.

Why? Because it means I can snuggle up at home and craft. Yes I know I can do this at all the other times of year by it feels special at that time when the nights are jut starting to get darker, the weathers getting a little colder and the food a little more heartier. And that is my grand plan for the night. Good food, warm blankets and good knitting.


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