Stitching Sunday – Just call me The Domestic Goddess.

By 9:30am I had cleaned the house, had the bread rising, homemade soup in the pot and was eating breakfast. Which meant one thing….I could spend as much time as I wanted with my crafts.

(I would like to point out at this point husband is on nights this week so he was asleep so I had to not make too much noise. So sitting quietly crafty was a perfect excuse to keep the noise down. His shift patterns mean that it can sometimes appear I live the life of someone who lives by myself. Not the case I just blog less when we actually see one another.)

The craft time also resulted in a couple of finishes.

First of completed against my better judgement I remade the stripy hat. And much to my, and my blood pressures, relief I only cast on 5 times and the hat came out a much more reasonable size. So today that got sent off to baby.

I also finished the Christmas present for my sister.


The biggest issue I’m having now is whether or not to add accord with a couple of pompoms orto leave them as they are. Decisions, decisions.

As one project is finished that means another goes straight onto the needles.


I believe these came free with issue 71 of Let’s Knit but don’t 100% take my word for that. I could go double check but once again this is coming from the comfort of my bed and I’d much rather stay here than get up to check a little detail.

It’s also only 2 weeks and 6 days until yarndale!

I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. You may have noticed the little image go up in my sidebar a few days ago but I forgot to mention it in a post at the time mainly because me and the images that go in the sidebar argue because after managing to get the image up it was far too late to post.

It’s a local craft fair mainly focusing on wool and fibres that held in Skipton. Well I say local, it’s actually about 40 minutes away by train but its still based in my lovely home county of Yorkshire and celebrates a lot of Yorkshire wool heritage. For more information I definitely recommend you visit the website:

The main reason I am excited is that it’s a day out with my knit and natter friends who I meet up with on a Thursday. I unfortunately missed the summer picnic so this will be my first real outing with everyone. It will be nice to spend more time with people and it sometimes feels like the 2 hours on Thursdays goes far too quickly.

Once again as I am on bed this is just a short one. As soon as this post goes up I shall be heading to the land of nod. Good night all.


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