KNN Thursday – It May Be Winter Outside..,,

….but in my heart it’s spring to quote Love Unlimited.

It may seem that nothing has changed since yesterday but it has. It’s one more day closer to Yarndale. And it’s Yarndale putting the Spring in my heart. I just can’t wait to go buy lots of lovely treats. Mainly because I’ve run out of portable projects.

Let me explain.

Tut’ is on a roller. I’m currently standing on my morning commute. I barely have enough space for me let alone a big roller and my threads and chart. It’s much better just to leave him at home.

Alternatively I’m making my cousin a crochet scatter cushion for her newly redecorated bedroom. I could bring that along but I’m using a 500g ball of Aran for that. Far to heavy to be lugging about all day.

So the only on the go project I have at the moment is my minis. Which if you count up I actually only have 3 projects on the go. It must be the lowest amount ever for me.

So I can’t wait to go to Yarndale to buy wool for all the projects I want to make but just don’t have any wool for yet. KNN tonight will just revolve around Yarndale talk me thinks.

And so to end with: 9 MORE SLEEPS TILL YARNDALE!

P.S. Apologies to all who heard me singing Love Unlimited this morning. I know I’m not the worlds greatest signing and it was a horrible rainy morning but I really couldn’t help myself.


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