Stitching Sunday – A Busy Week

I am such a bad blogger. No blogs at all for over a week.

So what have I been up to? Well Tut’ has had a nice update.


A week ago on Thursday was also a fascinating documentary called Fabric of Britain: The Golden Age of Knitting. It was a really good watch and would suggest anyone who hasn’t watched to to have a look (the link will take you to the BBC website so unfortunately if your outside the UK you won’t be able to watch it). It also gave me loads of inspiration for some gorgeous vintage patterns.

I also bought a little present for myself.




I don’t know if I’ve ever given a full explanation of my love for giraffes but in a nutshell it’s a bit like this AFLFGHTNLLUBGYJGIRAFFFE!ITSSOFLUFFYIMGONNADIE

I saw these at Blott which is actually a stationery store but once I tried them on my needles and they fit quite snuggle I just had to buy the pretties.

Last Sunday was also the first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey. This may appear a bit off topic but then I saw this.


Isn’t the jumper that Mary is wearing just delightful? I have a little bit of a thing for all things 20’s and would love to get my hands on a pattern for this, even though it looks far to complicated for my inexperienced hands. I may even have to send a email to Radio Times and the wardrobe department at Downton Abbey to see if this was an original design or based off an old pattern.

As you may tell I maybe going through a bit of a vintage period at the moment.


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