Stitching Sunday – And what Actually has happened Today?

Well today, as I had such a lovely day yesterday, has meant a bump back to reality.

That means all the housework. Cooking, cleaning, food shopping. Add knitting onto that and I’m the perfect 1950’s housewife. Actually no strike that. I don’t want to go back to the 1950’s.

Saying that I have actually had a little time for some knitting. I be made a start on the barbels that I bought yesterday and hopefully they will have a place on the Christmas tree this year.


Not a lot done as yet but considering that I’ve only spent about an hour doing it on and off between jobs and it’s my first time using DPNs I’m very proud of my progress.

I actually spent a bit of time before yarndale debating DPNs vs interchangeable circulars. While I will never, ever have to buy any straight needles for the remainder of my natural life I only had one set of DPNs (And I could not tell you the size of them for the life of me) and two pairs of fixed circulars, a 6mm and a 5mm. As you can tell from my last post I actually ended up getting a selection of both. There was a few reasons for this. While I decided that in the long run a pair of interchangeable circulars was most cost effective they are very expensive to get a full set. I think the cheapest I saw yesterday was £44.50 but I don’t think any cables came with the set of tips.
Then there is the metal vs plastic vs wood debate. On straights I am quite easy and don’t mind using metal ones although I do have two pairs of wood. The problem with my wood ones is that they appear to have warped quite a bit. Someone told me this was because my tension was too tight but I know for a fact that any tension squares I create are always far, far too lose so I really doubt this is the case. With plastic I can honestly say I’ve never knitted with them but I do have a couple of plastic crochet hooks that I hate with a passions. I find them far, far to flimsy even to take DK yarn even though they are 5mm hooks. Back to point, I found it a bit steep to pay over £40 for something I may end up hating. The other point it that interchangeables only seem to go down to a 3mm size. Not a huge problem but some sock patters do ask for smaller. So in the end I got a nice set of KnitPro interchangeables with 2 cables, one plastic tip, one metal tip and one wood tip for £15 from a lovely company called knitting4fun and then bought my first set of cable needles from them as well.

The other joyful event of today is that it is nearly October. For me that means all the immediate family’s birthday, apart from the husband who is Novemeber. Oh the joys of buying presents and not having money! But for the first time ever I am all done before the start of October and even have them wrapped and ready to give.


So now to treat myself to a bit of knitting time and wait for Downton Abbey to come on this evening.


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