Stitching Sunday – Rinse and repeat; I am a bad blogger.

It feels like I say I am a bad blogger all the time. I’m really good for 5 days or so and make posts, even if only short and irrelevant. And then I have a post like this where I have to try and fit in 10 days worth of events on my life.

In terms of craft there has been a fair amount, just because I only seem to have two parts of my life at the moment, work and craft. Work is having a bit of a meltdown at the moment which means I seem to be at work for 10 hours a day but due to technical problems am not actually getting that much done. So rather than feeling like I’m twiddling my thumbs (and after I’ve made teas for the office and done the washing up in the sink and occasionally done the dusting) when the server/internet/intranet/network is down I knit. It does mean that I have made progress on quite a bit. And allows a conversation to start around me as most people ask what I’m doing, how it’s coming along, general questions like that. Which is very nice.

So updates. Well in my previous post I posted this as my imperfect yarnpadc

It just looks wrong. Slightly misshapen, a little flat and just generally pathetic. I am considering starting again.


This the the cowl pattern that I bought at yarndale and this is also coming along well, and been protected by Geoffrey and Gertrude the giraffes.


This is the progress on what I’ve nicknamed the Ravenclaw scarf. While it was originally going to be be for myself he husband has slight fallen in love with it and he has claimed it for his own when it is finished.


These are also e Christmas decorations that I am making but have run out of the white. That means I have to go sopping but I don’t really want to shop because it means I am going to end up buying more than I need. I always do.


And these hopefully will be Poppy’s for the royal legion.

Other things, well my sister is pestering me for some leg warmer and she has had a browse through Ravelry and decided on a few things she likes it I feel that it maybe a while before she gets the finished Inge as I haven’t even cast on anything yet. I also have the many many Christmas present that are to be cast on and finished before Christmas.

I think maybe I’m hitting a bit of block at the moment with my craft. I have things that I want to do but really I should focus on the things that need doing e.g. The Christmas presents.

So today I think I might have a day of sit back and relax day and do what I want and start again on Monday with the things that I have deadlines for.


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