#yarnpadc – catchup time


Day 8: Handwriting – most of my handwriting these days are to the husband. He had chores to do and was playing in the computer so I confiscated the keyboard and mouse. Hence the mouse I will “getting” is not a really mouse but the computer mouse.


Day 9: Socks – Comfession: I’ve never knitted my own socks but I’m working on it


Day 10: Morning


Day 11: Circles – my first project on circulars


Day 12: A is for….. Aaron


Day 13: Chart – Chart for the circular pattern.


Day 14: Sign – before the fire at work this was the only sign we had ( but we also had a wall of llama picture and a aquarium wall)


Day 15: Edible – More work related. Eating at desk


Day 16: Key – My key on which my thread cutter permanently lives.


Day 17: Lace – Close up of circles project


Day 18: Imperfect – This is for my cousin and I’m really disappointed how it turned out. To the point I might make another one for her.


Day 19: New – Bought to cheer myself up


Day 20: Old – My father in laws chess set sat on his cabinet both of which now live at my house. The chess set is mine and the husbands thing to do together and the cabinet has become a home for my craft supplies.

And that’s all folks!


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