Mini Monday: Fight or Flight?

The above is a genuine question. Today we had a situation at work. The member of staff I sit next to passed out. So most people have an instinct in situations that create adrenaline; fight or flight. My reaction, freeze. For about 5 seconds I just couldn’t react. It was fine in the end, my colleague has a few cuts and bruises, but I felt so useless in that moment.

So I turned to my usual stress relief, stitching.


It’s taken a long time to get to this point but they are looking beautiful.


5 thoughts on “Mini Monday: Fight or Flight?

  1. They are looking beautiful. I am exactly the same…. I freeze. I think it’s panic. I was asked if I wanted to do a first aid course recently and I had to be honest and say I am no good with things like that. We have a lot of pupils who have Epipens too and that terrifies me. Training coming up for that too. Thank goodness for stitchy, yarny things eh?

    • I think I must also give a small thanks to my other colleague who knew exactly what to do.

      But yes thank goodness for crafts. They certainly keep me sane.

      And the thought of using an epipen on a child makes me nervous. Your twice as brave as me already just for taking the training and working with children.

  2. You know what slows me down in situations like that? Law suits and disease.

    My first thought is to help but then I start assessing the situation and wondering if my help is actually wanted cause there was a law suit where a Good Samaritan was sued because the victim didn’t physically ask for assistance.

    Then it’s CDC time and I wonder what kind if infection I’m risking helping the person…blood borne pathogens or the common cold?

    By the time I do all that professional help is usually already there.

    I love your flower! What do you do with them after they’re done?

    • I think in this case my colleague would have prefer if I had caught him just due to the massive black eye and cuts on his face he received.

      As for my flowers they will probably go on various cards and go to friends for their birthdays.

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