Stitching Sunday – Not a lot of stitching

Happy Sunday Morning!

Yes it’s a bit windy but it’s lovely and bright. I live autumn days like this. It’s also the anniversary of when me and the husband first met so I’m in an extra giddy mood.

Not a lot to update and no pictures as I’m writing this in the train on my phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.

So in knitting I’ve cast on two new projects, a jumper for the godson for Christmas and a dress for myself also hopefully for Christmas. I’ve also been hearing a bit about nakniswemo so my seeds should hopefully be my project for that. 3 days in and 1,379 stitches completed. A long long way to go.

In other news today I’m off to see the Benedict Cunberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller version of Frankenstein. I’m hoping it will be epic (and will be epically sad if it’s not). Also as it’s the husbands birthday tomorrow we are off to see The Searchers again but this time they are joined by a few other bands, most noticeably Gerry and the Pacemakers. This may seem odd but as I am married to a scouser Gerry and The Pacemakers are practically their city band.

All in all the business above means not that much time for stitching. That 50,000 stitch target feels a very, very long way off.


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