Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Moments I Want To See in The 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who

This might seem a bit random but let me assure you all of my love for Doctor Who. While I don’t talk if my love for the Who fandom trust me it exists I just try to keep most of my fandom squeeing to other sites. My most prize possession I lost in “The Great Fire of YP” (the name we have given to the fire at work) was my sonic screwdriver pen. And even worse I haven’t been able to find a replacement that doesn’t cost the earth.

However with the big anniversary coming up I thought it was appropriate to share a little fandom love. As the title suggests it’s things I want to happen. I’ve been trying to avoid most spoilers and the only things I definitely know that could be considered spoilery is John Hurt is some kinda Doctor who did some thing wrong and David Tennant and Billie Piper are to return.

All of the things I mention below are thing that I would like to see but know in reality are not going to happen.

10. For Clara to get jealous of Rose.

Remember the last time

The missus met the ex

9. For 10 to walk into the TARDIS and say “You’ve redecorated. -pause- I don’t like it. Allonsy”

8. Bad Wolf to get a mention

Because it happened and then was never mentioned again. She places herself through all of time and space you think she’d come across Bad Wolf a bit more often (I just accidentally write bad Wilf which brought up completely the wrong companion)

7. Naked!Capt. Jack

Because everything ends up with naked Capt. Jack in the end.

6. River to come bang the doctors he’d together when they start arguing

Let’s face it get more than one Doctor in a room and a argument will start at some point. And who better to stop it than River Song? (And Jack would be there too. Who hasn’t thought about River meeting Jack. The world would combust from innuendo)

5. For 9 to appear and say “So these are my replacements. A Dandy and a Clown

Do I really have to explain it?

4. For the Ponds to come back

I only raised my hopes for this when I saw this.


I swear behind 9’s shoulder is Amy’s hair. Only 3 other companions appear in the promo, Rose and Clara who will be appearing and Sarah-Jane, as a tribute I believe. So why have Amy? Even before River, who has pretty recognisable hair as well? My opinion; The Ponds are coming back

3. For all the Doctors faces to appear for one reason or another

I don’t care what the reason is. Doctor Who has reached a milestone that few TV shows could ever dream off. And I think each of the lead actors deserve a bit of recognition.

2. A tribute to Sarah-Jane, which is turn would be a fitting tribute to Lis Sladen

I want to hear Sarah-Jane died saving the world and her small but unique family. It only needs a small scene but the Brig got one. Sarah-Jane deserves hers.

1. For Paul McGann to be a really important part

This is a personal thing for me. I was born as the last series if the original run of Doctor Who ran. I watched the repeats on GOLD on Sunday mornings but they just weren’t the same. Then in the Summer of ’96 rumours started. Doctor Who was coming back. And it did. I remember sitting on the floor transfixed as a whole new story for the Doctor started. But he regenerated after been shot. I was sad. Until I saw the new Doctor. And something in my tiny 7 year old mind went “Oh.” It was my first ever experience of love. It was cute when I was 7. And even as I grew older my love for this mysterious 8th doctor remained. It was not to be though as when the Doctor came back in 2004 his face had changed again so I only ever got one episode.

So what I really want to see is more of the 8th Doctor.


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