Stitching Sunday: Wool and Who.

Happy Sunday everybody!

I have no plans for today except knitting and watching the marathon of Doctor Who episodes on Watch.

It’s absolute heaven.

Then again I had a pretty epic day yesterday as well. Wool and tea is probably one of the best ways to spend a Saturday.

It was a little bittersweet though. The wool shop that me and my friend went to is closing down soon. This isn’t just any wool shop. If I was to say it was the wool shop in Leeds it’s not really an exaggeration. Even people who don’t knit know about the shop on Eastgate just because it’s been there years. Anyone who has got a bus into Leeds at any point would have more than likely have passed it at one point or another. The shop is due to be demolished as part of the Eastgate Development .

While I do think that the Development is a good idea and places like Trinity have completely changed the way that Leeds look I am starting to think that the Leeds that I knew as a child has already gone. Trinity use to be another shopping centre, a pretty run down one to be honest. The Schofield Centre,which became the Headrow Centre which had the best children’s play area and food court is now The Core which is only occupied by a gym, New Look and HMV (And I’ll be honest I don’t think HMV will last much longer). I had my first visit to Santa at Lewis’s but that’s now A Sainsburys, TK Maxx and Argos. The Odeon is now a Primark (but somehow A.W.Scott next to the building has survived!). And losing The spinner is another part of this.

Wow that got nostalgic quickly. However just as I keep the happy memories of my trip to Santa, the food court at the Schofield Centre and family trips to the Odeon I will now be adding the happy memories of The Spinner to them.

And boy did I get some deals. Enough 4-ply wool to make 2.5 jumpers (the point five because I want to make the below from Issue 75 of Let’s Knit and only have 3 of the colours so far)


The Spinner also said it was open for at least a couple more weeks until they close so I might even end up going back before then and getting a few more bargains.

But for now I have a few more episode of Doctor Who to watch whilst I’m deciding which lovely jumper I want to knit first
: Such a debonair little Jumper or Warm Jumper or you know any Susan Crawford pattern.


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