Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional Knitters

No I don’t mean people who pretend to knit but characters in TV, film and literature who are known knitters. So without further ado, in at Number 10.

10. Gromit from Wallace and Gromit


A dog who knits! A DOG WHO KNITS! A DOG WHO KNITS! No more to say on this subject.

9. Phoebe Buffay from Friends



My family often said I would turn into Phoebe. I can’t play the guitar, I don’t think my cat is my dead Grandmother and I’m not a Masseuse. However I can’t run, can’t really sing, do say the craziest things and knit. I’ll let you weigh up whether I am or not.

8. Miss Marple


Not really much more to add.

7. Rose for Two and a Half Men


I don’t even like this show but the husband does. And boy did he yell when he saw the scene of Rose knitting. Even then I only managed to watch about 30 seconds before getting distracted.

6. Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web


So technically a weaver but let’s just love all forms of wooly related crafts. It reminds me of been little so sentimentally may have gotten the better of me when I included this.

5. Laurie Strode from Halloween

(This was literally the only image I could find of her with the knitting needle. I might have to make some screenshots myself)

Knitters are not joking when we say we could kill someone with a knitting needle. To be honest I’m surprised that it’s only been done once this noticeably in a film.

4. Mortica Adams from The Adams Family


Another dark one but hey ho.

3. The DC Universe




Because Superheroes need a hobby too (It’s a shame that Marvel can’t keep but but the idea of Tony Stark knitting is the best image my imagination has come up with this year)

2. Everyone in Harry Potter.


This one….


….and this one (epic sleeves)….


….and this one……


…..and this one…..


….and probably this one.

I think J.K. Uses knitting as shorthand for magical. Hence I am magical.

1. The Doctor from Doctor Who



Excuse me while I just spend the rest of the night looking at Paul McGann.


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional Knitters

    • Every mum is a Supermum! (Excuse my Britishness, I don’t feel right saying mom. In fact in my household we say Mam, very northern)

      To be honest I’m still a bit A Dog Who Knits! If my Dalmatian ever jumped up and started knitting a sweater I think…well I’d go with the flow. She practically talks back when we speak to her.

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