WIP Wednesday: Brrrrrrr…..

After the constant rain of the last two weeks we had snow last night! It was lovely at the time but it didn’t last long. Now the whole of Leeds has a dusting of frost and patches of ice. There is one advantage; opportunity to wear all my new woollies.

Back to Sunday and I was having a stock take. This means I’ve got a better idea of items I have.

Firstly back in August (!) I was making a sweet cardie in the sunshine of Corfu. When I got home I realised the shaping of the shoulders were wrong. Anyway I found this piece in my clean up and actually reshape a the shoulders and sewed it all up together. It’s missing a ribbon now but I was planning on giving it another wash first before I take some pictures for here.

Talking about Corfu I’ve just booked to go back this year! Exciting. However that does mean I have to go to the post office in my lunch hour today. Not the most pleasant way to spend a lunch.

Then remember when I was talking about my Ravenclaw Scarf? Well I really didn’t have enough yarn for the pattern I was attempting. So I’ve pulled it app back and have two lovely balls! I still desperately want to make a scarf from it but unsure how I’m going to do it yet.

I’ve also finished one sock of the ones that have been nicknamed Dennis!

I wish I could share more but have to go to work now. Oh well it pays for wool and holidays to Corfu.


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