Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Celebrity Knitters (And One who Doesn’t)

To follow on from this post I’m now making a list of people in the public eye who knit.

10. Bill Bailey


Ok so I don’t actually know if he knits but the picture was just too good not to add. (He’s not the one who doesn’t, he’s a maybe he knits)

9. Scarlet Johansson


I’ve just watched Lost In Translation for the first time last week and I’ll admit I completely and utterly fell in love. And it wasn’t just because her character is a knitter. (I am a bit of a sucker for May/December Romances, yet this was like no other romance I have ever seen. I’ll stop before this turns into a gush about how I love this film)

8. David Arquette


I’ll be honest I had to do a bit of research for this piece. But this was one name that came up again and again. And you know what, I’m kinda glad it did. I never knew that he knitted and yet he seems to approach it like most other knitters. He learnt from his Grandmother , seems to employ it as a stress relief technique and has used it to help Charity. I’d love to invite him over for a knit and natter.

7. Geri Hariwell


Go Girl Power (Although this article saying her as celebrity fan has helped wool sales is a bit far fetched in my opinion)

6. Uma Thurman


This woman is amazing too. I can’t help but love Kill Bill but it think I got it wrong because the ending made me cry more than any rom-com or oscar drama.

5. Kate Moss


I said in my review of the year I was never going to look like Kate Moss but maybe I can knit like her. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any images of her knitting but apparently keeps her knitting in a Chanel bag. Oh maybe I’m never going to be like Kate Moss, my kitting lives in a satchel.

4. Meryl Streep


Not the best picture of the ever youthful Meryl Streep but she made that awesome cape! Another actress I would love to have a knit and natter afternoon with.

3. Ryan Gosling


The image I want to give you: Remember when everyone wanted him to be Mr Grey. Yeah I think that dominant man likes to knit.

2. The British Royal Family.


If you haven’t guessed by now I’m British and more than a little proud of it. Whilst not a royalist I’m not blind, they are one of the biggest tourist attractions and bring more in revenue than we could accurately measure. They also do some amazing things for charity. And they also look like an amazing family of knitters. The above photo was released for the Diamond Jubilee and shows the Queen Mother, The Queen and Princess Margaret knitting. The Queen Mother has had a guild named in her honour and in WW2 knitted for the troops.

And even Kate has now given her support. (even if she admits she’s not very good)

1. Amanda Seyfried

Just go watch this to see her enthusiasm.

I don’t want to have a knit and natter with her I want her to be my best friend. And can you imagine what the set of Mamma Mia was like with her and Meryl Streep (plus Julie Walters who I imagine is fantastic too) Knitting heaven on a Greek Island.

Plus one who can’t knit: Wil Wheaton

He openly admits he can’t knit but likes looking at knitting patterns on the internet.

Plus look at this adorable photo.



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