WIP Wednesday: 1st day of Lent

Remember my good intentions to give you all a full update today? Well it will have to wait.

I did get a little bit done on my sewing pattern but I don’t have the details to hand so I think it will have to be another day.


It was a glorious day on Monday though so I just had to share this photo.

Also after all the pancake goodness yesterday Lent has started. At first I was like “Maybe I can give up buying yarn” but then I saw this…


Yeah that’s me.

And I also had a very dear friend as me to make Feathers McGraw (link to ravelry). I had a bit of suitable yarn in my stash but not enough so really I have to go wool shopping!

So what else could I give up for Lent? Well I thought about bagels because they are responsible for my bagel belly but they are my favourite breakfast meal. Then I considered the internet but I need it for work. And my baby sister has just gone to The Dark Side (Warrington, Did I mention previously I’m a proud Yorkshire woman?) so we now use the internet/skype/Facebook to talk so I wouldn’t want to give it up at the moment.

So in the end I choose coke cola. My biggest weakness and only vice.

Day 1: No coke. No cravings as yet but is only 9am.

Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: 1st day of Lent

  1. Good luck! I used to drink several Diet Cokes a day, and gave it up for Lent on more than one occasion – only to restart again come Easter. Last year it finally “took”. It’s been almost a year, and except for an occasional sip from my husband’s drink, I am soda free!

    • My biggest challenge is always my birthday falling in the middle of lent.

      I don’t think it will “take”, I don’t think I even need to cut down as I only have one glass a day normally with lunch, but I want to challenge myself.

  2. Dr. Pepper is my downfall. Gave it up for 6 years, then one day I just HAD to have one, and now I’m hooked again. Trying to give up buying yarn for Lent, but I have this beautiful stripey yarn that needs a contrast color to go with it, so I’m going to have to work hard on that one. If I keep repeating the mantra “finish the one you are working on first” maybe I’ll make it okay. Trying, trying, trying.

    • Well I just knew wool would be a no go just because I want shopping yesterday and bought 4 balls of dk. And got home to first my first lot of Rowan pure wool had arrived.

      And sorry to disagree but yuk Dr Pepper.

  3. That Dory meme is the greatest meme ever! Although I think I am more addicted to fabric remnants (look, it’s so little, it will barely take up any room in my house, and it’s 50% off!) – the idea of giving up the purchasing new supplies for Lent is a great one.

    • I remember reading another blog about giving up buying supplies for Lent but just can’t remember where it was.

      As a quick update day 5: Still no coca cola, cravings no longer as bad as they were on Friday. FFriday was bad because we had Fish and Chips and is normally my drink of choice with my favourite takeaway.

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