Mini Monday: Better Late Than Never.

Another weekend, another distinct lack of blogging. And once again it’s been a little bit of a manic Monday so I’ll just leave a little picture.


This was originally a Christmas present but hey better late than never. Plus isn’t she a cutie pie.


7 thoughts on “Mini Monday: Better Late Than Never.

    • At the moment she is the only little girl I know, all my other little children are boys. So I do spoil her a little bit. Just yesterday I saw some adorable t-shirts. I’m not sure when I will next see her but bought them anyway. Even when I know I won’t see her for a few weeks I still buy her little gifts. I will have to stop before she gets too old tore aloes and want something every time se visits.

  1. They are always adorable at that age. Then they go thru the brat stage, the teen stage, leaving for college, getting married, and one day, before you take the next breath, her kids are in college. Enjoy every minute, and take millions of photos.

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