Stitching Sunday: Sleepy Sunday!

What a weekend! I feel like I could do with another one with the amount that I managed to fit in. In fact I don’t know I how I managed to find time to finish an item but I did. Yes it has the nickname that hideous pink cardie but now it all sewn up I’m very proud of it. It just needs a wash and it will be ready to proudly show off. I’m also pleased because it has been finished well in time, it’s not actually due as a present until June.

In other news I have very swollen feet from dancing all night so I treated myself to a foot massage and heated soak. Yes I had to massage my own feet and the heated soak just consists of my coarse salt in warm water in the washing up bowl but it was heavenly. My feet hurt because of the awesomeness that is The Wendy House. This is just another small part of my life which is a little bit of a contradiction. Yes I’m a geeky knitter, I’m also the history obsessed classicist, I’m also the OCD housewife. Another part of me is the crazy alternative girl who listens to metal. But it’s fantastic to have so many different interest and anyway normal is overrated. However staying up til 4am does tend to make me sleepy the day after.

I also had a fantastic pub lunch at the local pub today and some quality time with the family. It’s not often we all just have a natter and dinner out. We occasionally eat at the parents but with me and my sister both having moved out of the parents house (and with her having gone to The Other/Wrong Side of the Pennines) it’s rare for us all the be in the same place at the same time. The reason for all of the above. It’s my birthday tomorrow! Yay! I won’t have time tomorrow with the family because they are all working. And my comment about having another weekend? Well it’s going to happen because I have the week off work and going for a few days in the Yorkshire Dales to rest and relax. Hopefully there will be crafting too!

Lent Update: Still no Coca Cola. I was slightly naughty today and had a Lilt but whilst it was fizzy it had no caffeine and I didn’t even finish the can. Looks like my cravings have well and truly disappeared.


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