Mini Monday: Everything I Touch Decides to Fail.

Ok the title might be a slight exaggeration but I’ve not had much luck with anything this weekend.

Firstly wordpress fails on my. I’ve been trying to make a post since Saturday and I log it and after about 30 seconds it kicks me out again. Grrrr! This means I’m writing this on my phone so I don’t have all my pictures. I think the full Scarborough report will have to be another day; possibly Friday. Also means my typing may be terrible and spelling mistakes galore.

Then I was planning a quiet weekend at home. That didn’t happen. On Friday we went to the parents for the rugby and the simple task of ordering takeaway for 7 people turned into a shambles. In the end we ended up ordering from two takeaways to please everybody. Rhinos also won easily which actually made it a dull game. Yes it’s fantastic because it helped us maintain our place in the league but it’s not an interesting game.

The quiet weekend also got ruined by both me and the husband coming down with some sort of sickness. This didn’t really bother me because my plan for the weekend was to laze on the sofa anyway. What I didn’t plan on was having someone else on the sofa with me. It may sound daft but just having him at home when I already made plans throws me out. Even if he’s not in the way I feel like I’m bugging him when I’m doing things I want to do. Which means I do less; meaning I feel like I having accomplished what I set out to do. Crazy, huh?

And lastly hearing about the worlds fastest knitter dying has made me realise I could possibly be the worlds slowest knitter. If I could show you a picture you would understand. I have done 6cm of twisted rib stitch. How long odd this take. Well The Tinkerbell movie, Wreck-it Ralph and 4 episodes of Mr Selfridge. So, so slow.

And just to put the icing on the cake it’s Monday, freezing and the train is 15 minutes late.

Rant over. Let the week begin.


8 thoughts on “Mini Monday: Everything I Touch Decides to Fail.

  1. Consider yourself lucky re. WordPress. I was shut out of my original blog for 3 months, and had to get a new email address to start a new blog to get back in. Found most of my old friends, and have found a lot of new ones, but so frustrating.
    I’ve been trying to make socks, but with a healing left shoulder from joint replacement brought on by breaking it back in December, it’s very difficult to get the needles to co-operate with only one working hand. So mostly crocheting afghans, until they get too heavy to work on, then starting a new one. Three in the making so far, enough yarn to begin 8 more on hand. At least not getting tired of any color scheme before it’s finished.

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