Stitching Sunday: The London Marathon

Today is a lovely day, bright, clear but not too warm. Perfect for runners and crafters alike. I have huge admiration for all the people running today, whether for personal achievement, for a charity or a loved one. I know the chances of me are virtually zero. I just don’t have the stamina. However #getinspired has inspired me.

A long time ago (long,long,long,long,long time ago in a galaxy called Newcastle) my Daddy ran the Great North Run. More than once. The pictures of him crossing the finishing line use to have pride of place on the mantle piece when I was little. Then us children came along and had events like birthdays, and christenings and in my case a graduation and my Daddy got replaced on the mantle piece. Even the dog got a picture. The result is that my Dad now has no pictures in frames in the house. The pictures of him crossing the finish line now reside in the dusty loft, out of sight, out of mind. And my Daddy well he’s nearly 50 now and well, he’s put on a bit of weight.

However recently he’s decided to do something about this and has taken up distance bike riding. And if he can do it I can do.

I made a promise to myself to get fitter at the beginning of the year and today I’ve decide to make a little better on that resolution.

Knitting is still going to be my main priority though. 😊

Lent update: We are more than halfway there people and with all the marathon talk above I’ve realised that Lent is a little bit like a marathon. The first few days feel great with the roar of the crowd, then the next few days you find your pace, everyone has a day when they hit “the wall” and want to crumble and then you get to a day like today, where you can see the finish line and you know at the end your going to have a great sense of achievement.

I think I maybe getting into the marathon metaphor a bit too much.


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