Mini Monday: What is normal?

I’m been serious here. What is normal? It’s currently 10pm-ish and I’m sat by myself, drinking an alcoholic beverage, doing a bit of knitting with Craft and Create TV on in the background. Is this normal? I think it may just be the Monday-ness talking but this doesn’t feel right. I mean I enjoy all of the above bit surely I should be doing something that normal 20-something’s do. Normally, I don’t care what people think but today….today feels different. But tomorrow is a new day and maybe I won’t feel like this tomorrow.

Which brings me onto the fact I watched “Groundhog Day” for the first time today. And honestly I know I’ve never seen it before but I was expecting a different ending. Like a totally different ending. I thought he would have to live the first day again exactly as it happened, bad points and all, to learn that you can change but you can’t change the world. But maybe that’s me thinking too much about it, or maybe not enough, which once again brings me to the point of: am I normal? Does anyone else overthink films like this.

I suppose I should also say: lookie! I completed my jacket.


Yes it is also not normal. It’s imperfect. The sleeves are unevenly gathered, the hems on the sleeves still need tidying up, the binding is lumpy and uneven and I had a nightmare with with the interfacing. But it’s mine and it’s completed and it does fits. I’m going to give it a bit of tidy up and a neaten of the seams before modelling (plus I’m in my pjs and nobody wants to see the red-love-heart-silk-red-baggy-Scruffs I call my pjs).

Tomorrow is another day, thankfully. Unless someone wants to play a Groundhog Day Style prank on me.


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