WIP Wednesday: The happiness continues….

So after been a grumpy gloom on Monday and happy (Easter) bunny yesterday I’m once again in a happy bouncy mood today.

I think the nice weather has helped again.


Yes I am once agin writing this at my local train station but look at that sky! After several years of absolutely terrible weather regardless of the month it’s great to have some nice weather. And, fingers crossed, it means we should on track for a fantastic Summer.

In crafty news I haven’t really made much progress the last couple of weeks or so. The Hearts and Flowers Top is coming along but after thinking that the twisted rib on it was taking forever I know think the same about the stocking stitch.

I’m also making another from The Knitter in Little Vine.. However I made a mistake with this. I’m making it in Sirdar Snuggly White Whispers which is one of my bargains I picked up in Scarborough. It’s a lovely smooth yarn and I’m loving working with it but I started to pattern on metal needles which in reflection are just too slippery. Most people would just change to bamboo needles but I find my tension changes depending on which needles I use. So I’m sticking with the metal.


I’ve not got far but you can really see the pattern start to form.

I’m also going to see a knitting friend from Thursday Night Knit and Natter tonight so hopefully will progress a bit further for next weeks updates.


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