Fun Friday: The Problem with Sequels.

I’m just going to come right out and say it. Some Films do not need sequels. And some films that get sequels I wouldn’t call the sequels sequels.

Let me explain before I write myself into a corner. The Avengers is probably the best example to use. It is not a sequel to Ironman, Thor, Captain America, et al, it is a film based in the same universe, using the same characters but it is not a sequel. I would even go so far as to say to say that Ironman 3 doesn’t feel like a sequel to the first 2 because it doesn’t feel like it’s a continuation of the story. On the other hand whilst I had concerns that Captain America 2 would not be a sequel to the first the way it was handled made it feel like a sequel. I hope my definitions are slightly clearer now.

The whole reason that I have gone on this mini rant is How to Train your Dragon 2. After watching the first film, the credits rolled and I announced to the husband “That is a film that doesn’t need a sequel”. I paused for a moment and then added “I bet it will though.” It was such a success that the sequel is due out sometime in May but it is already getting huge advertisements here in England. And the reason it didn’t need a sequel? It was fine as it was! Please don’t let it succumb to the horror of poorer sequels that tarnish the original. There are plenty of films that are let down by bad sequels. Pirates of Caribbean franchise gets worse as it gives along and even a hardcore Alien fan disowns Alien: Resurrection (although I admit I have a soft spot for Alien 3 because it’s like a game of spot the British actor)

I think I would cry if some films got sequels. (Disney I’m mainly looking at you here) Could you imagine someone deciding to do a sequel to Up!. Would we want a sequel to Brave where Meridia becomes queen? And most recently Frozen. Even Finding Dory I’m a bit wary of and thank the stars Disney went for a prequel with Monsters University. It works in other non-Disney films as well. Thank goodness Tarentino has never decided to cash in and do a sequel to Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. What direction could you take for a film like Schindlers List ? Would you want to see the sequel to Green Mile.


But I’m slowly coming round to the idea of a sequel to How to Train you Dragon. There are 2 main reasons:-

1. I haven’t got an idea of a plot yet and won’t completely slate a film until I at least have an idea of what the plot is. I may not want a sequel but I won’t dislike it without seeing it first.

2. It’s nice to see the characters have been aged slightly. Another bug bear I have is when characters are exactly the same age and look even though years have passed.

I could many hours discussing this subject, in fact have spent many hours discussing this very subject with family and friends, but what I would like to know now is your opinion. What is your thought on sequels, stories in the same universe and stories that do not need sequels?


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