The 30 Day Knitting Challenge: Days 9 & 10

Day 9: What fiber or yarn do you love working with?

To be honest I haven’t used a whole lot of year but I must admit the only I have most fun with when I pick it up is my Rowan pure wool 4ply . It’s so soft, I think I spend more time stroking it than knitting it. And unlike the other projects at the moment the it’s knits evenly and smoothly and it’s not slippery like the other things I’m working now.

I genuinely thinking of buying more and just using it for every project. And because it comes it different weights I could actually do that.

Day 10: Do you have a Favourite pattern of designer?

Susan Crawford. I think if I had the time I would knit every pattern of hers but there are the small snags of a) money for yarn, b) time c) how do I choose which one to do first and d) I bet I will want some of them in more than one colour.

Her blog is great and I love all the lambs that have appearing on her Instagram. It’s not that I stalk her on social media it’s just that I find her posts really interesting. If I can there in one piece I actually want to go to her talk at Toft because I think it would be an amazing afternoon.

I suppose put simply I’m a bit of a fan girl.


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