Stitching Sunday: Lifelines and other annoyances.

Celestarium was going well. Until I put a lifeline in.


Somehow adding the lifeline made me increase the stitch count. And when I ripped back to the lifeline to resolve the extra stitches problem I somehow had tanged it through two rows of stitches in some places which has led me to having to rip it all out. All of it.

However this wasn’t a major problem. Yes I am disappointed but now I can learn from my mistakes. My bigger problem was when I discovered all of this the husband decided he wanted to talk to me about everything. I purposefully sat him down and said I made a mistake and I needed to really concentrate. So he decided it was a good time to talk about the house deposit (which is important but not the right time), the food shopping (I do the food shopping, he doesn’t why is he suddenly interested in it), the mobile phone contracts (I’m not interested) and the plans for today (I want 20 minutes to mourn the lost of something I’ve spent about 5 hours on). He’s still wittering in the background now about some form he’s filling in. It’s not that I don’t love him just sometime even when I’m clear (see example above) he still goes out of his way to annoy me but he doesn’t see it like this. And then when I point put he’s annoying me he sulks as if it’s my fault. MEN!

So deep breath. Today I am staring again with Celestarium and the husband. In just going to pretend the last hour didn’t happen.


5 thoughts on “Stitching Sunday: Lifelines and other annoyances.

    • I was very unsure what beads to use. I knew as soon as I picked up the pattern that I was going to use Scrupmtious 4 ply. However we have an amazing bead shop here in Leeds called Yum Yum Beads and these beads spoke to me when I walked in. Well technically my cousin was in the shop and when I showed her the pattern she literally threw the beads at me but I didn’t take much convincing to buy them.

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