KNN Thursday: Knitting Accessories

What sort of knitter are you? Well if I was to label myself I would definitely be unorganised. As much as my stash is perfectly ordered and I actually twitch if my threads are place out of numerical order, me and my knitting accessories have a strained relationship.

Take this evening for instance; I arrive at KNN and immediately have to ask to borrow a tape measure. I own 3 tape measures. I spent 15 minutes this morning looking for a tape measure and couldn’t find one. So I borrowed one to measure the rough tension square I was working on (Good News, my tension was spot on). Then when I got home spent another 15 minutes with the husband looking again. I did manage to find one in the end but the location of two are still unknown.

The extra annoying thing is this morning all I needed was a tape measure yet managed to find a pair of scissors I was convinced I had left at work and my stitch markers which I hadn’t had opportunity to use yet and still have no need for on this project. However when it comes to actually needing a pair of scissors or my stitch markers you can guarantee they will have taken a stroll and I will be unable to find them.

It’s also thanks to KNN that I actually have any accessories left. If by some miracle I find the cable needles/stitch markers/buttons I need you can be sure when it comes to me leaving that I will leave said accessory on the table and one of lovely ladies will pick it up and care for the neglected accessory for a week.

I’ve even tried things like trying to keep all the accessories in one place or keep them all in the project bag of the main project but it just doesn’t seem to keep me organised. I’m going to have to learn to live with been s scatter brain. It’s lucky I have such an organised KNN group that I can borrow accessories from!


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