WIP Wednesday: New starts and Christmas gifts

I know, I know I’m still mentioning the ‘C’ word (no not the rude one, I mean Christmas) but for good reason. I haven’t shown you what Santa has brought me yet.


Yes I know that doesn’t look like much but look inside….


They are the special edition Rosewood KnitPros that I asked for very, very nicely! I must have been awfully good this year to get such a lovely present.

And normally with such a special present I wouldn’t expect to get anything else but did get a few of very special presents from the husband. And even more brownie points for him because they are craft related!




So I got Monty and Mabel (go YouTube the John Lewis advert if you haven’t seen it and you will understand (additional brackets to say I love “Real Love” as sung by Tom Odell in the advert)) and the giraffe is Melvin.

Now Melvin is just like Monty, he just wanted love for Christmas. When my husband saw “giraffe” in John Lewis all by himself, no other giraffes to be friends with in the menagerie he knew he had to come home with him for Christmas and join my ever growing collection of giraffes. You might even notice in the picture behind him are Gerald and Gertrude. He now has a permanent home next to our tv, protecting my knitting basket from the perils of the world.

And the Liberty book! Well Mr Stitches deserves real credit for that. I may have spent a good three hours pouring over the details with a biscuit (or 12) and a cup of tea devouring the details. It’s also made me desperate for a good look around Liberty, mainly for inspiration!

Back to my main picture and you will notice that a pair of my needles are missing already. Well actually they are not missing they are been used. Yes another year and another start for me! I’ve convinced myself that as I have completed 3 projects in December that I can treat myself to a new start. Plus I couldn’t leave my new needles feeling neglected.


The pattern is called A New Season and it’s free on Ravelry. The name spoke to me as the perfect New Year Knit. I’ve just started the second repeat of the main body and I think it’s coming along great. As for the yarn unfortunately all I know is that I bought it at Yarndale 2013 from a tiny stall with lots of other brightly coloured, variegated wool. My memory even tells me that it didn’t come with a tag. If anyone does have the name please do let me know.

Happy Knitting!


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: New starts and Christmas gifts

  1. Uuuuugh it is my dream to get nice needles like that! I have some switcheable (not sure if that’s what they’re called) needles with all different lengths of wire, but they were on sale at Michaels, and I already broke one of my size 7s! 😦
    Just checked out “A new season” pattern…omg it is GORGEOUS! I am definitely going to knit it before the end of the year! Good luck!

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