Stitching Sunday: A Good Day

Another Sunday and another couple of finishes.


These are from Home Baked Online and are so, so pretty. Well, the ones anyone else would make would be pretty. Mine are a bit misshapen.

I’ve also finished another few squares on my blanket.


To be honest I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a wall with any sort of craft at the moment. Everything seems to be going really slowly and I don’t feel the excitement about anything that I’m making like I use to.

Hopefully this is just a small blip.


Stitching Sunday – Rinse and repeat; I am a bad blogger.

It feels like I say I am a bad blogger all the time. I’m really good for 5 days or so and make posts, even if only short and irrelevant. And then I have a post like this where I have to try and fit in 10 days worth of events on my life.

In terms of craft there has been a fair amount, just because I only seem to have two parts of my life at the moment, work and craft. Work is having a bit of a meltdown at the moment which means I seem to be at work for 10 hours a day but due to technical problems am not actually getting that much done. So rather than feeling like I’m twiddling my thumbs (and after I’ve made teas for the office and done the washing up in the sink and occasionally done the dusting) when the server/internet/intranet/network is down I knit. It does mean that I have made progress on quite a bit. And allows a conversation to start around me as most people ask what I’m doing, how it’s coming along, general questions like that. Which is very nice.

So updates. Well in my previous post I posted this as my imperfect yarnpadc

It just looks wrong. Slightly misshapen, a little flat and just generally pathetic. I am considering starting again.


This the the cowl pattern that I bought at yarndale and this is also coming along well, and been protected by Geoffrey and Gertrude the giraffes.


This is the progress on what I’ve nicknamed the Ravenclaw scarf. While it was originally going to be be for myself he husband has slight fallen in love with it and he has claimed it for his own when it is finished.


These are also e Christmas decorations that I am making but have run out of the white. That means I have to go sopping but I don’t really want to shop because it means I am going to end up buying more than I need. I always do.


And these hopefully will be Poppy’s for the royal legion.

Other things, well my sister is pestering me for some leg warmer and she has had a browse through Ravelry and decided on a few things she likes it I feel that it maybe a while before she gets the finished Inge as I haven’t even cast on anything yet. I also have the many many Christmas present that are to be cast on and finished before Christmas.

I think maybe I’m hitting a bit of block at the moment with my craft. I have things that I want to do but really I should focus on the things that need doing e.g. The Christmas presents.

So today I think I might have a day of sit back and relax day and do what I want and start again on Monday with the things that I have deadlines for.

#yarnpadc – catchup time


Day 8: Handwriting – most of my handwriting these days are to the husband. He had chores to do and was playing in the computer so I confiscated the keyboard and mouse. Hence the mouse I will “getting” is not a really mouse but the computer mouse.


Day 9: Socks – Comfession: I’ve never knitted my own socks but I’m working on it


Day 10: Morning


Day 11: Circles – my first project on circulars


Day 12: A is for….. Aaron


Day 13: Chart – Chart for the circular pattern.


Day 14: Sign – before the fire at work this was the only sign we had ( but we also had a wall of llama picture and a aquarium wall)


Day 15: Edible – More work related. Eating at desk


Day 16: Key – My key on which my thread cutter permanently lives.


Day 17: Lace – Close up of circles project


Day 18: Imperfect – This is for my cousin and I’m really disappointed how it turned out. To the point I might make another one for her.


Day 19: New – Bought to cheer myself up


Day 20: Old – My father in laws chess set sat on his cabinet both of which now live at my house. The chess set is mine and the husbands thing to do together and the cabinet has become a home for my craft supplies.

And that’s all folks!

Stitching Sunday – Yarndale

I was going to tag this onto the last post but it really does deserve a whole post to itself.

I had seen the Facebook before I set off with the rest of the local craft group I go to which simple stated “Follow the yarn…”. When we go to Skipton we discovered that it meant literally…







And when we got there we were welcomed with this sight.


It was a great day and I bought far, far too many goodies for myself but I will definitely be going again next year.

There were even some animals as we were in the animal market!


How cute?

And I just know the big question is what did I buy? Here have a look.


Well I did say I had bought a lot.

My first purchase were these.


I think they suit me quite well.

And as for the individual items.








It should about just tied me over until Harrogate!

EDIT: I left these off can you believe


Stitching Sunday – A Busy Week

I am such a bad blogger. No blogs at all for over a week.

So what have I been up to? Well Tut’ has had a nice update.


A week ago on Thursday was also a fascinating documentary called Fabric of Britain: The Golden Age of Knitting. It was a really good watch and would suggest anyone who hasn’t watched to to have a look (the link will take you to the BBC website so unfortunately if your outside the UK you won’t be able to watch it). It also gave me loads of inspiration for some gorgeous vintage patterns.

I also bought a little present for myself.




I don’t know if I’ve ever given a full explanation of my love for giraffes but in a nutshell it’s a bit like this AFLFGHTNLLUBGYJGIRAFFFE!ITSSOFLUFFYIMGONNADIE

I saw these at Blott which is actually a stationery store but once I tried them on my needles and they fit quite snuggle I just had to buy the pretties.

Last Sunday was also the first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey. This may appear a bit off topic but then I saw this.


Isn’t the jumper that Mary is wearing just delightful? I have a little bit of a thing for all things 20’s and would love to get my hands on a pattern for this, even though it looks far to complicated for my inexperienced hands. I may even have to send a email to Radio Times and the wardrobe department at Downton Abbey to see if this was an original design or based off an old pattern.

As you may tell I maybe going through a bit of a vintage period at the moment.

Stitching Sunday – Just call me The Domestic Goddess.

By 9:30am I had cleaned the house, had the bread rising, homemade soup in the pot and was eating breakfast. Which meant one thing….I could spend as much time as I wanted with my crafts.

(I would like to point out at this point husband is on nights this week so he was asleep so I had to not make too much noise. So sitting quietly crafty was a perfect excuse to keep the noise down. His shift patterns mean that it can sometimes appear I live the life of someone who lives by myself. Not the case I just blog less when we actually see one another.)

The craft time also resulted in a couple of finishes.

First of completed against my better judgement I remade the stripy hat. And much to my, and my blood pressures, relief I only cast on 5 times and the hat came out a much more reasonable size. So today that got sent off to baby.

I also finished the Christmas present for my sister.


The biggest issue I’m having now is whether or not to add accord with a couple of pompoms orto leave them as they are. Decisions, decisions.

As one project is finished that means another goes straight onto the needles.


I believe these came free with issue 71 of Let’s Knit but don’t 100% take my word for that. I could go double check but once again this is coming from the comfort of my bed and I’d much rather stay here than get up to check a little detail.

It’s also only 2 weeks and 6 days until yarndale!

I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. You may have noticed the little image go up in my sidebar a few days ago but I forgot to mention it in a post at the time mainly because me and the images that go in the sidebar argue because after managing to get the image up it was far too late to post.

It’s a local craft fair mainly focusing on wool and fibres that held in Skipton. Well I say local, it’s actually about 40 minutes away by train but its still based in my lovely home county of Yorkshire and celebrates a lot of Yorkshire wool heritage. For more information I definitely recommend you visit the website:

The main reason I am excited is that it’s a day out with my knit and natter friends who I meet up with on a Thursday. I unfortunately missed the summer picnic so this will be my first real outing with everyone. It will be nice to spend more time with people and it sometimes feels like the 2 hours on Thursdays goes far too quickly.

Once again as I am on bed this is just a short one. As soon as this post goes up I shall be heading to the land of nod. Good night all.

Stitching Sunday – Bargain Hunting.

After the mountains and mountains of projects I posted about yesterday you would think I had enough going on not to actually want to add to it. How wrong!


Well technically I was suppose to be food shopping but passing one of the local charity shops I saw “A little guide to knitting” sat in the discount basket in the front door. And I thought might as well have a look and ask how much it was. Any guesses? Amazon tells me retails for £7.19.

10p. Yes that’s right. Ten English Pence.


And the rest of the new stash, a set of DPNs and half a dozen patterns cost me £2.30. I actually end up giving more than this in the end as it was for charity and I actually felt a little guilty for giving so little.

I also have done more shopping this week. Previously I’ve spoken about the LYS BaaRamEwe and this week I’ve actually been up to the shop and spent a bit of money. I bought Born and Bred. I will admit it was specifically for one pattern but I do love everything that is in the book. The pattern I specifically like is Wetwang.

The reason for this is many a happy childhood days going to Scarborough or Brid and then going to the Black Swan in Wetwang on the way home. It just makes me really happy to see a pattern named Wetwang that has black swans on it. In reality I probably won’t be able to even start making it until I have more experience as I really want to make a good go of it but I’m happy that its sat on my bookcase and I can just look at it when I’m having a bad day.

But now to make on my promise of yesterday and actually work on Tut’.

Stitching Saturday – Stupid Sizing and Simple Soloutions.

Sorry for the alliteration but I’m just in one of those funny moods.

So my cousins wife is in labour and we are expecting another little bundle of joy. I actually attempted to make a hat as mentioned previously. Well the good news is that it is actually finished. The bad news is at a) the colours are less like the local rugby team and more like the football team b) it actually took 15 casts and 14 unravels before I got the finished product and c) IT’S MASSIVE!


So in the above it doesn’t look too big. But look at it here.


That would be my 16 year old brother wearing it comfortably. I also have a picture of the dear husband wearing it but he refused to let me post that one. But his head is going to be my measurement guide.

So the hat when laid on a flat surface has a circumference of 40cm. The dear husbands head measure 59cm. That means it has 19cm of stretch. Which even to me seems excessive. So I looked at what should be the average head circumference of a 1 years olds hat (the hat in the picture is for other cousins baby born back in May). Good old M&S (yes I am a old lady but M&S are usually pretty good at sizes. Every woman in Britain has at least one item of underwear from them. Trust me) and they say it should be 46cm circumference. Which is 6cm bigger than the actual size of the hat. So what do I do?

My options are

1. Absolutely nothing
The reasoning is that it’s a present made with love. It’s not meant to be perfect. And it’s not that it won’t fit it might just look a bit odd.

2. Make another one.
Yeah right. My blood pressure wouldn’t take another 15 casts on.

2. Give it a wash
Now this means it might shrink a bit. But do I actually want it to shrink because according to the bible that is M&S sizing guide its actually a little small.

3. Give it a wash and block it.
Probably the most sensible option. But I’ve never blocked! And knowing me good go horribly, horribly wrong.

Whatever I end up doing I will update.

I also have an issue with the cardie that I made in Corfu.


While it all looks ok I actually made a mistake while shaping the shoulders. It was suppose the be slip stitch 6 and then complete row in pattern, turn, continue pattern until 4 stitches before end. I missed out the slip stitch row completely so I’m a row short. I’m also unsure how to fix it. I think it will be another thing to think about in detail and then post the update on how I fix it (which I really need to do in this case as the arms don’t seem to fit in the way I made it)

Onto other things.

I made a pair of gloves.


Ok technically that’s just the one in the one in the picture but I needed my other hand to take the picture. I’m pretty proud of these. I actually dyed the wool myself and am really, reallyplease with the way the colours turned out.

I’m also in the process of making the socks for my sister.


They need to be made vaguely in the pair because I don’t want to end up with odd socks. With the above issues with sizing I know if I made them separately that it a real possibility.

And I also have the beginnings of a scarf.


But I ran out of yarn. That means I get to go yarn shopping.

I also think at this point I need to mention poor neglected Tut’. I obviously didn’t take it on holiday as he is far to big but he is also been woefully neglected now I am back off holiday. I am hopefully going to spend some time on him today at least so he doesn’t sit in the corner for another 3 years. Yes he has been in progress for 3 years.

And tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. But I think I’ll save that story for another day.

WIP Wednesday – Keep calm and cast on (and fail, and unravel, try not to swear. Rinse and repeat)

Once again hello from glorious Corfu! I am never going to get bored of saying that so I should really take advantage of my last few days.

Once again I have picked up the dreaded knitting needles. There are three reasons for this.
1. The cardie I was making is now ready to be blocked and sewed together and I didn’t really fancy doing that here so it is safely zippy bagged up and ready to go on as hand luggage (if we lost the luggage losing that would upset me most so it’s going as hand luggage)
2. I have a cousin who is having a baby boy and I determined to make something for him. The pattern I choose just happened to be knitted (I do have a back up crochet project if it goes tits up)
3. I’ve really got to get over my fear/anger management/general issues when it comes to knitting so when I see something I want to knit I can, rather than just going “oooh pretty….damn it’s knitted oh well I didn’t want to make it anyway.” This been the main offender. Honestly I’m so in love with this design I just need it in my life.

So I watched YouTube videos, read written instruction over and over again, looked at pretty diagrams and finally plucked up the courage to cast on at 7 this morning. Before 8 I had unraveled it 3 times and started over 3 times.

So I put it to one side, which my blood pressure probably thanked me for, and decided to just try again at a later time. Whilst lying on my sun lounger at the beach I thought I’d hit a brain wave. So I rushed back to my room and cast on again for the 4th time. Turns out my brain wave was a dead end.

A this point I was getting super frustrated to the point the husband went and bought me chocolate. Did I ever mention he was very well trained when I’m having a craft meltdown? I slowly picked up the needles and cart on for the fifth time. And this time I decided I was going to say everything out loud. I started to sound a bit like a broken record it I was honest.

“Knit, yarn to front, purl, yarn to back, knit, yarn to front, purl….” You get the idea. It still failed.

Want to know what my big mistake was? Not been consistent with which way I was wrapping the yarn. I would switch between anti-clockwise and clockwise with no rhyme or rhythm.

So I started a new chant “Knit anti-clockwise, yarn to front, purl anti-clockwise, yarn to back, knit anti-clockwise, yarn to front, purl anti-clockwise….”

But look….


Yes these 6 rows of 1×1 ribs have taken me the best part of 12 hours but looks! The tension doesn’t look too bad to my eye, the stitches are even and, best of all, I started with 30 and ended with 30. Success all around!

My chanting did have one upside. Apparently it’s very soothing to the poor husband, who’s not been sleeping so well due to the sunburn he got, and he’s now snoring away. Dinner can’t wait, time for more knitting.

Knit and Natter Thursday – Live from Corfu!

As much as I enjoy meeting with my fellow crafters on a Thursday in the cool air conditioning of our local Costa I must admit I really am enjoying my Thursday crafting on the balcony in my holiday apartment.

So as promised yesterday say hello to all my lovely purchases.


I really have a soft spot for Charlie’s Ark. I can’t explain it but as soon as I saw this in the sale aisle I knew I had to buy it. It shall be started when I get home just because I didn’t bring any hoops with me and I want to make sure the tension is even.


This is some lovely soft Sirdar I bought to make some hats for the new arrival that we are expecting soon. Also if I have enough left over I shall be making one for the new arrival that came back in June. This shall be a knitting project so expect infrequent and sweary posts about this. (Have I mentioned I dislike knitting? We have unresolved issues)


This is my favourite. This shall be used to make my sisters Christmas present. And as I have bought it now, in August, hopefully it will actually be this years Christmas present. Once again it will be another I will keep you all updated on.

The next few bits are not new but I haven’t shown them off. As I now have time here they are.

Firstly I got the below at last weeks Knit and Natter. Someone had a stash clear out (shock horror, I know) and came in with a bag to pass along to anyone who wanted it. I spent half the night rolling this ball and just knew after detangling it that I would be taking it home.


It’s very, very fluffy but I think it’s lovely.

Next is some wool I dyed myself at the university stitch and bitch.


I’m super surprised at how well it turned out. I’m hoping to make some nice winter mitts for myself out of it.

Lastly here is the project I’ve mostly been working on whilst in Corfu.


It’s another cardie but this one is for the husbands niece, so technically my niece, Heidi. She lives in the very north of Scotland so lots of nice woollies are always appreciated.

This would also be a good time to say I am also on Ravelry so you can also follow me on there.

All in all a successful week. Lets hope it doesn’t end!