Review of the Year: 2014

Hello 2015! (Yes I know I’m a couple of days late but I’ve been busy dammit)

This year has been crazy in a good way. Holidays and gigs and time with family and time to myself. Which pretty much sums up some of my resolutions for last year. So to review last years resolutions:-

1. Keep this Blog going. Yes. Well it’s still here. Not really successfully by still here. This may turn into a “try again this year” resolution.

2. Lose the Cheese weight Well this was a fail. But not a complete fail because whilst I’ve not lost weight at least I’ve not had a gain. I’m also no any healthier which was another part of this goal but I can also file this again under “try again this year”.

In another part of my mind I have a little voice saying “Eat the Cheese”

3. Read More! Erm, no. The only book I read last year was “The Last Days of Richard III and the Fate of his DNA” by John Ashdown-Hill. It was a great read but the honest truth is I don’t fell like I have time to read everything I want to read anymore with the time I spend on other things I wasn’t to do. The other option is to timetable in time to read but then it just feels like a chore. This resolution may be missing from this years list.

4Refresh my language courses Another No. I think this one may end up not only been given up but the actual books been given to the charity shop.

5. Enjoy my university course Meh, enjoy may have been optimistic. I am working on it and looking forward to the end result but hard work is hard work and it’s very rarely fun.

6. Go to More Gigs I’ve definitely managed this one. The complete list is:- Rizzle Kicks, The Eagles, Manic Street Preachers, The Beautiful South, The Searchers and Katy Perry. I also went to the theatre quite a lot; Avenue Q, The Perfect Murder, Evita, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Beyond The Barricade, Les Miserables and Mamma Mia. This year should be just as busy I hope with one trip to the theatre and one gig already booked. (I also realise I still have reviews to do for some of these)

7. Make the hubby a jumper Well I started one, does that get me half a point?

8. Actually make something for me! I did!


Ok it did end up been for a fancy dress but it is still completed and the warmest jumper in the world. Thanks again to Mrs Moon for the inspiration.

I also have my Fair Isle jumper which is complete but that baby deserves its own post.

9. Have more nights out I really did, and the best was most certainly Halloween, which the above jumper was made for. Whilst I’m not going to keep this resolution exactly the same I want to have just as many awesome nights out this year.

10. Learn a new skill Erm, no again. I may just pretend this doesn’t exist.

11. Continue with my crafty time I most certainly did, crafty time is the only thing that stops me from going crazy! It also gave me some lovely end results.



12. Stop biting my Nails Well yes and no.


My nails can look like this. However I do still bite them. And sometimes they look…well disgusting. So more consistency in my nails is next years resolution.

13. Complete Tut No. However he did get more time than the last year so I’m counting this as a success.

14 Make time for me Yes. And I plan to carry this on as well.

And for this year, well carrying on from last year I will have 15 resolutions:

1. Keep the Blog Going.
2. Stay Healthy.
3. Keep going on CLC and do the best I can.
4. Go to as many Gigs as possible.
5. Go to the theatre as much as possible.
6. Finish the Husbands jumper.
7. Complete more things for me.
8. Keep my social life busy.
9. Keep my nails healthy.
10. Complete Tut.
11. Spend more time with my sewing machine.
12. Spend more time baking.
13. Travel more, even if it’s just in the UK.
14. Discover new music.
15. Keep time for me.

All in all, last year was amazing, but I have a feeling this year is going to be even better.


Fun Friday: The Problem with Sequels.

I’m just going to come right out and say it. Some Films do not need sequels. And some films that get sequels I wouldn’t call the sequels sequels.

Let me explain before I write myself into a corner. The Avengers is probably the best example to use. It is not a sequel to Ironman, Thor, Captain America, et al, it is a film based in the same universe, using the same characters but it is not a sequel. I would even go so far as to say to say that Ironman 3 doesn’t feel like a sequel to the first 2 because it doesn’t feel like it’s a continuation of the story. On the other hand whilst I had concerns that Captain America 2 would not be a sequel to the first the way it was handled made it feel like a sequel. I hope my definitions are slightly clearer now.

The whole reason that I have gone on this mini rant is How to Train your Dragon 2. After watching the first film, the credits rolled and I announced to the husband “That is a film that doesn’t need a sequel”. I paused for a moment and then added “I bet it will though.” It was such a success that the sequel is due out sometime in May but it is already getting huge advertisements here in England. And the reason it didn’t need a sequel? It was fine as it was! Please don’t let it succumb to the horror of poorer sequels that tarnish the original. There are plenty of films that are let down by bad sequels. Pirates of Caribbean franchise gets worse as it gives along and even a hardcore Alien fan disowns Alien: Resurrection (although I admit I have a soft spot for Alien 3 because it’s like a game of spot the British actor)

I think I would cry if some films got sequels. (Disney I’m mainly looking at you here) Could you imagine someone deciding to do a sequel to Up!. Would we want a sequel to Brave where Meridia becomes queen? And most recently Frozen. Even Finding Dory I’m a bit wary of and thank the stars Disney went for a prequel with Monsters University. It works in other non-Disney films as well. Thank goodness Tarentino has never decided to cash in and do a sequel to Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. What direction could you take for a film like Schindlers List ? Would you want to see the sequel to Green Mile.


But I’m slowly coming round to the idea of a sequel to How to Train you Dragon. There are 2 main reasons:-

1. I haven’t got an idea of a plot yet and won’t completely slate a film until I at least have an idea of what the plot is. I may not want a sequel but I won’t dislike it without seeing it first.

2. It’s nice to see the characters have been aged slightly. Another bug bear I have is when characters are exactly the same age and look even though years have passed.

I could many hours discussing this subject, in fact have spent many hours discussing this very subject with family and friends, but what I would like to know now is your opinion. What is your thought on sequels, stories in the same universe and stories that do not need sequels?

Mini Monday: What is normal?

I’m been serious here. What is normal? It’s currently 10pm-ish and I’m sat by myself, drinking an alcoholic beverage, doing a bit of knitting with Craft and Create TV on in the background. Is this normal? I think it may just be the Monday-ness talking but this doesn’t feel right. I mean I enjoy all of the above bit surely I should be doing something that normal 20-something’s do. Normally, I don’t care what people think but today….today feels different. But tomorrow is a new day and maybe I won’t feel like this tomorrow.

Which brings me onto the fact I watched “Groundhog Day” for the first time today. And honestly I know I’ve never seen it before but I was expecting a different ending. Like a totally different ending. I thought he would have to live the first day again exactly as it happened, bad points and all, to learn that you can change but you can’t change the world. But maybe that’s me thinking too much about it, or maybe not enough, which once again brings me to the point of: am I normal? Does anyone else overthink films like this.

I suppose I should also say: lookie! I completed my jacket.


Yes it is also not normal. It’s imperfect. The sleeves are unevenly gathered, the hems on the sleeves still need tidying up, the binding is lumpy and uneven and I had a nightmare with with the interfacing. But it’s mine and it’s completed and it does fits. I’m going to give it a bit of tidy up and a neaten of the seams before modelling (plus I’m in my pjs and nobody wants to see the red-love-heart-silk-red-baggy-Scruffs I call my pjs).

Tomorrow is another day, thankfully. Unless someone wants to play a Groundhog Day Style prank on me.

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional Knitters

No I don’t mean people who pretend to knit but characters in TV, film and literature who are known knitters. So without further ado, in at Number 10.

10. Gromit from Wallace and Gromit


A dog who knits! A DOG WHO KNITS! A DOG WHO KNITS! No more to say on this subject.

9. Phoebe Buffay from Friends



My family often said I would turn into Phoebe. I can’t play the guitar, I don’t think my cat is my dead Grandmother and I’m not a Masseuse. However I can’t run, can’t really sing, do say the craziest things and knit. I’ll let you weigh up whether I am or not.

8. Miss Marple


Not really much more to add.

7. Rose for Two and a Half Men


I don’t even like this show but the husband does. And boy did he yell when he saw the scene of Rose knitting. Even then I only managed to watch about 30 seconds before getting distracted.

6. Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web


So technically a weaver but let’s just love all forms of wooly related crafts. It reminds me of been little so sentimentally may have gotten the better of me when I included this.

5. Laurie Strode from Halloween

(This was literally the only image I could find of her with the knitting needle. I might have to make some screenshots myself)

Knitters are not joking when we say we could kill someone with a knitting needle. To be honest I’m surprised that it’s only been done once this noticeably in a film.

4. Mortica Adams from The Adams Family


Another dark one but hey ho.

3. The DC Universe




Because Superheroes need a hobby too (It’s a shame that Marvel can’t keep but but the idea of Tony Stark knitting is the best image my imagination has come up with this year)

2. Everyone in Harry Potter.


This one….


….and this one (epic sleeves)….


….and this one……


…..and this one…..


….and probably this one.

I think J.K. Uses knitting as shorthand for magical. Hence I am magical.

1. The Doctor from Doctor Who



Excuse me while I just spend the rest of the night looking at Paul McGann.

Mini Monday – One step forward, Two steps back

So I was extra excited yesterday. And for good reason. Frankenstein was even better than expected, 60’s Gold was great and had a extra treat when we went to see Thor 2.

And this morning was lovely too. The husband loved his presents and (as I planned) he wanted to play on his PC games, which meant I got time to do some knitting.


As promised here’s the godsons jumper. The bottom piece will be the front and the top piece is the beginning of the sleeve. However as the title suggest not so much plain sailing. When I read the pattern I didn’t care so much for the colours shown so decided I would replace them. It said it was a four strip pattern. So went to Yarndale and bought myself 4 beautiful, complimentary colours. Except I got it wrong. There is four colours in the strip and then a base colour so I actually needed 5 different colours. So I can’t go any further at the moment except maybe to start the other sleeve and the back.

Knowing this I decided to work on NaKniSwaMo dress. The next row was described as

Fold hem at picot edge, pick up cast on sts and purl them together with live sts one by one to create a folded hem

Not that difficult. The effect it was creating was lovely. And the I realised I was showing the wrong side having folded the edge the wrong way. So I started to unpick but unfortunately ended up dropping about 10 stitches right down to the cast in edge. I had to unravel the whole thing.

Result: NaKniSwaMo total – 0


Repeat after me, tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day.

Time to cast on 197 stitches again.

Stitching Sunday – Not a lot of stitching

Happy Sunday Morning!

Yes it’s a bit windy but it’s lovely and bright. I live autumn days like this. It’s also the anniversary of when me and the husband first met so I’m in an extra giddy mood.

Not a lot to update and no pictures as I’m writing this in the train on my phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.

So in knitting I’ve cast on two new projects, a jumper for the godson for Christmas and a dress for myself also hopefully for Christmas. I’ve also been hearing a bit about nakniswemo so my seeds should hopefully be my project for that. 3 days in and 1,379 stitches completed. A long long way to go.

In other news today I’m off to see the Benedict Cunberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller version of Frankenstein. I’m hoping it will be epic (and will be epically sad if it’s not). Also as it’s the husbands birthday tomorrow we are off to see The Searchers again but this time they are joined by a few other bands, most noticeably Gerry and the Pacemakers. This may seem odd but as I am married to a scouser Gerry and The Pacemakers are practically their city band.

All in all the business above means not that much time for stitching. That 50,000 stitch target feels a very, very long way off.

A Time to Get my Geek on….

Whilst at work this week I ended up reading this. Which led to this. And then to this. I do actually work most of the time just so you know.

It got me thinking. In my group of friends I am one that is most likely to pass for a non-geek. On the other hand I’m not going to be accepted into non-geek circles immediately because sometimes I might as well have geek tattooed on my forehead.

Google tells me the definition of geek is;



  1. An unfashionable or socially inept person.
  2. A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest: “a computer geek”.

Under than definition I’m not a geek. Other stereotypes I do not fulfil; I don’t read comics, rarely read graphic novels, I don’t own geeky t-shirts (thinking of The Big Bang Theory Boys here), I am only a beginner at techy things, and, oh yeah, I’m not male.

The question I’m trying to ask here is are the stereotypes more important or that I identify myself as a geek? Does the label make the person or does the person make the label?

Back in April last year our group of friends went to see Avengers Assemble. We all loved it. Yet when we saw someone who was wearing a full Captain America outfit we all had a laugh. He would have weighed about 8 stone wet through wearing his leather outfit. Anyone could have looked at him and thought “Geek”. Yet really who am I to judge. I have worn some ridiculous outfits in the name of fancy dress, sometimes I feel better in fancy dress because I get to hide behind a persona. If he felt like the person he wanted to be in that outfit more power to him.

I suppose what I am trying to say is be who you want to be. In my case that’s a speccy, femal whovian with a passion for cross-stitch. A geek in other words.

I’ve decided to make my own labels.